Can't print invoices HELP

  Jade 14 G 14:20 23 Jul 2006

Have a Lexmark all in one X1180 it only prints in colour, tried two Lexmark black inks and they are the proper ones from Lexmark.
Nearest its got to black is very dark grey.
Problem is l have to send some invoices out but not in colour, can anyone help.

  johnnyrocker 14:26 23 Jul 2006

has it ever printed in black and white? have you tried print preferences?


  skidzy 14:28 23 Jul 2006

When choosing the colour Jade,scroll to the top of colours and select auto.Also if my memory is correct you have a setting to be able to print in black and white only.

I will be able to help further when back at the printer tonight,sorry its in a different location than where i am at the moment.

  Jade 14 G 14:36 23 Jul 2006

I have used it since last year and its been ok on both colours and have been to prefrences, think i have been everywere on this printer.
Thanks Skidsey for helping later, l was thinking of getting a new one but thats a problem as can't get to stores in town.

  skidzy 17:25 23 Jul 2006

Hi Jade back again and now have the printer in front of me.Lets see what we can do.

First thing i would like to try is:

Open Microsoft word
Copy this text and paste into word/select black as your colour(next to font size in MS word) and print.

Does this work ?

Or This:

Click file (top left of the screen)
Print colour images in black and white/tick this box.

Or this:

Control Panel
Printers and other hardware
View installed Printers and faxes
Right click Lexmark 1100 series
Enable advanced printing features (tick this box)
Colour management should be set to automatic

This software is pretty basic to use,so if these ideas do not work,try uninstalling the printer software/reboot/reinstall Lexmark 1100 series software/make sure the usb lead is plugged in before loading the software discs...if you do not plug the usb in first,you will receive an error of no printer found....and could end up with a corrupted installation.

If no joy Jade,post back and we can try something else.

Good luck

  Jade 14 G 17:38 23 Jul 2006

Just done microsoft word , no joy but next to font it was, defalt paragraph then normal then different headings in bold.
Just going to try others but didn't want you to think i hadn't got back but have had to get a ambulance for a neigbour

  skidzy 17:47 23 Jul 2006

Jade how got:

Microsoft works word processor

I have different colours i can select next to font size ?
Maybe you have a different version ?

Its only been a few minutes,so no worries there.Hope the neighbour is ok.

  skidzy 17:47 23 Jul 2006

how i got...Sorry typo.

  Jade 14 G 17:51 23 Jul 2006

Done up to install driver but the advance tick was in but i noticed there was no tick in (print directly to printer )should there be and another idea that l can't seem to get to is as l have tried so many times to print could there be a back log of printing to be done and how can l delete it to try if thats it. I t used to come on screen after right clicking the printer in taskbar but can't get it up now.

  skidzy 18:01 23 Jul 2006

Under advanced should show:

Always availble
Priority 1
Spool print documents
start printing immediately
enable print features

Under print processor make sure Lexmark is highlighted

Try these settings and still no joy we can look for something else.

  skidzy 18:15 23 Jul 2006

Jade,ive just come across this

Under preferences

Under save settings

How many settings do you have ? if more than the default setting,delete them.You may need to reboot for the changes to have effect.

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