Can't print to file at all

  Shraddhan 22:55 21 Apr 2005

No matter what I try, I am unable to print to a file. I have Windows XP, and am enabling the check box.

I also tried using a Generic / Text Only printer. This does nothing either.

If I try to print a large document (50 pages) to a file, something is
definitely happening. Word won't let me shut it for a while, telling me that
it is printing. Yet no file is ever created. Or if I do sometimes get a file,
it contains 0 bytes.

Clearly something is broken, but what?


  lotvic 23:45 21 Apr 2005

click here

"If you print from a Windows program and choose to save the print output as a file, most likely you'll end-up with a *.PRN (created using a PCL printer driver) or a *.PS file (created using a PostScript printer driver)."

I am curious that you choose this method ? Is there more we should know?

Why not just save the .doc file and print it out the normal way when you want it.

I have to add that I know zilch about printing to file..... and my link didn't mention XP it seems to be Dos based.

  Shraddhan 23:57 21 Apr 2005

Well, the reason I need to be able to print to a file is apparently because I am using Ability Office, and I would like to be able to create a PDF file.

The people at Ability tell me that this involves using the print to file feature.

In my case, I either get no file produced, or a file of zero bytes. Neither of which are of much use to me.

According to the people at Ability, I should certainly be able to print to a file. I agree with them, but it just doesn't work for me.

As I said, the computer goes through the motions, but does not actually DO anything useful.

Oh, I tried using SFC /SCANNOW to try repairing the system. No effect. And I tried a different printer driver too. And Microsoft's Generic / Text Only printer driver.

  lotvic 23:20 22 Apr 2005

Okay, well as I am not up to answering this prob. maybe you could start a new thread with the title 'How do I create PDF file using Ability Office' (or similar) then maybe someone who has had same problem will respond.

:)) it pays to advertise :))

I would paste the problem as you have explained it in above post (the more detail the better!)

I am intrigued as to what the solution will be


  Shraddhan 23:32 22 Apr 2005

Ah!, but if I ask how to create a PDF file using Ability Office, I will be told exactly what it tells me in their documentation, and also what they told me when I asked them.

My problem is NOT with how to use Ability Office to create a PDF file, but the fact that (a) it doesn't do it for me, and (b) I seem to have a problem on this particular computer that other people do not have.

Creating PDF files is not itself an issue - I could buy software to do this. The problem is that I just can not print to a file, which is apparently what Ability Office requires me to be able to do.


  lotvic 23:55 22 Apr 2005

.. so, it is Ability Office that is playing up?

or the Printer Driver? Hmmm

On another note, I am sure that I have seen somewhere a freebie 'Go to PDF' would this solve the problem as a workaround? (although it wouldn't get Ability Office / Printer Driver sorted out - which is the actual problem)

I'm sorry I can't be of much use in helping with actual problem :(

  Shraddhan 00:05 23 Apr 2005

I doubt very much that the problem is with Ability Office, as I can not print to file from any program, including Wordpad.

As for the printer driver, that is why I tried the generic/text only driver. I also downloaded the latest version of my printer driver, and the manufacturers of the printer also suggested an alternative driver.

Nothing helped...

Seeing that I originally bought Ability Office partly because it would output to PDF, I'm not keen on using a work around. (Other PDF drivers work fine for me, but I would have to pay again to use the good ones.)

Ability thought it was my printer driver. The printer manufacturer (HP) finally gave up. The problem was there two years ago, but I wasn't concerned then, so it is not due to recent software, or XP upgrades.


  lotvic 01:22 23 Apr 2005

this is all I can find on web tonight... could this bit be important? (in installing printer) "When prompted for the Port you want to use, select FILE."

click here

"B8. Problem: I want to print Bills/Reports to a file for use with my word processor/email.
Solution: Add the Generic/Text Only printer or a PDF printer driver to your system as a new printer and have it Print to File. In Windows 98, for example, select Start | Settings | Printers | Add Printer | use the print Wizard to add a GENERIC printer. When prompted for the Port you want to use, select FILE. Then, when you print bills in BSA, you can select this new printer and name the file you want to print to. Once you've done that, the file can be opened and manipulated in your word processor or attached to an e mail.
Another solution is to install a PDF printer driver and use it to print to file. Then, you will have a PDF file that can be emailed and viewed by anyone who is willing to download the free Adobe PDF viewer."

Q. what file extension are you after? (eg PS or PRN)

  Wak 09:28 23 Apr 2005

I know this doesn't solve your immediate problem with Print to File but I ditched Ability Office in favour of Open Office which is FREE and much better.
Open Office will also "Export to PDF" which works just fine and the exported files are easily read with Adobe.
Try it, you have nothing to lose.

  lotvic 12:57 23 Apr 2005

Q. What model number is your HP printer?

It seems that it is the printer driver and it may be that someone else on the web (other forums) have had the same prob and overcome it by using a different driver. I can do a search if I know the printer model etc.

Wak: Can you post a link to more info on your setup, please, I will be interested to read more.

  Wak 13:40 23 Apr 2005

The link you want is click here

I see that they have just issued a security patch for version 1.1.4 but I've never had any problems with OpenOffice and it's quite versatile.

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