cant print email attachment

  Rhodie 16:19 23 Jan 2004

OS windows 98 SE. HP office jet G55 printer
I have received and email with an attachment- when I open the attachment I can see the document but when I try to print it the text disappears on the screen and blank sheet is printed.
The document was scanned and saved to word prior to attaching to email. Other than saving the scanned document as a jpeg file then attaching to email is there a way I can print the document?

  palinka 16:27 23 Jan 2004

How about saving it first, then trying to print it. Just a thought, and I can't see why it should help, but it's worth a go.

  Djohn 20:36 23 Jan 2004

Rhodie, Try highlighting the text on the document by right clicking and dragging your mouse over the text. Click on File then print, place a dot in "Selection only" click OK and see if that works. j.

  Rhodie 21:43 23 Jan 2004

Tried your suggestion won't let me highlight the text - as soon as I click on the text to highlight it a text box appears around the whole document and as soon as I go to print, selection or all or current page the text box goes blank and a blank page prints out.

  Rhodie 21:46 23 Jan 2004

Tried saving the document - still won't print. Tried copy the document to a blank word doc - still won't print.

  canard 23:59 23 Jan 2004

It sounds as if you have a pic file and not a text file. Try treating it as a pic you want to print ie R click and select print picture and see if this works for you.

  Rhodie 11:04 24 Jan 2004

When I r click - don't have option to print picture - only options are: -
cut, copy, edit picture,show picture toolbar, borders and shading, caption, format picture and hyperlink.

  anchor 16:44 24 Jan 2004

It certainly sounds as if it is a picture. Try "copy", then paste as new image in a photo programme such as Paint shop pro. If that works, you could print from there.

  Djohn 16:56 24 Jan 2004

As anchor says, but use Word if you have it. Someone sent me a photo the other week and that had been saved in word then mailed to me. I right clicked on the open attachment, chose copy, opened word, right clicked and chose paste. Give it a moment or two to open. j.

  Rhodie 01:24 25 Jan 2004

Tried your suggestions - didn't work.

  canard 14:01 25 Jan 2004

Have you got Irfanview installed on your PC? It is free and VERY useful. Maybe you could click copy your pic and then open up Irfanview and click paste in the edit menu. Alternatively you could use the Print Screen key and then open the pic/s in your viewer's [or Irfanview's] edit menu then paste- in a series if it's a big doc?

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