Cant power on motherboard,can I use self power on

  Field Division 12:47 25 Oct 2006

I am having trouble with powering on new pc I built,
Specs Are: M/B:AS rock P4i65G,CPU:Celeron,512 ddr,40g hdd,case has a 400w psu,

I think the problem is coming from the front panel control switch,Is there a way I can do a self power up by switching jumpers?

  Eric10 13:27 25 Oct 2006

All that the power switch does is to momentarily short out the appropriate pins on the motherboard front panel header. The Reset switch does exactly the same thing to the reset pins on the header. Therefore you can swap the Reset and Power switch connectors to test the correct operation of either. In this configuration the Reset switch would turn on the computer.

Alternatively you can just momentarily short out the power switch pins on the header with a screwdriver or something similar but be very careful to safeguard against unintentional short circuits.

  Field Division 14:13 25 Oct 2006

yaeh spoke to 1 of the other hardware engineers and he said much the same as you but with alot of diagrams,so I have a couple of angles now to try


  woodchip 14:27 25 Oct 2006

Just look for the two power pins on the mobo bottom right corner of mobo. do not hold the screwdriver on, just touch them both at the same time. to switch off just use same pins but hold the screwdriver there till it stops

  Field Division 16:06 26 Oct 2006

Nope still no luck with it,going to try my other cpu to see if that helps,if not it's coming into work with me tomorrow..

  TicTacToc 16:09 26 Oct 2006

my DFI motherboard has simple buttons to power on with if you havn't put it in a case yet, it might be worth checking yours doesn't.

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