Can’t play Tutorial Video, Sound Only

  al1234 15:52 21 Mar 2004

Please help, I’m trying to play a Training CD, I can here what the tutor is saying but there is no video, a message says that the video is not available cannot find’Vids:mrle’ Decompressor. I’m using Windows XP with a NVIDIA Gforce4 Ti4200 Graphics Card. Can anyone please help?

  pj123 15:58 21 Mar 2004

What format is the Video in? Is it .mov .mpg .avi etc... It would normally be in .avi format. Your best bet would be to download JetAudio (free) from click here this will play almost any video file.

  JerryJay 16:00 21 Mar 2004

you do not have correct video decompressor/codec installed. Ask who ever provides you CD which software player it need. All you can install all major free media player such as MS Media player from microsoft, Real Player from Realnetwork and Quicktime from Apple. May be luck to get one of them handle video file you got.

  [email protected] 16:07 21 Mar 2004

Check your DirectX settings. I had same prob. with pinnacle and found that I could restore the pic by going into Direct x and adjusting the settings. Cannot remember which setting it was (lot of help!) but obviously make a note of any changes that you make so you can put them back. I know it was a slider set on Maximum and I put it to zero and then the video worked. Cannot check fully as my computer died on fri. and this is somebody else's and a diff. set-up.

  pj123 16:26 21 Mar 2004

You seem to have two identical threads running. Can you tick one as resolved?

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