Cant play DVD in Windows media player

  ciderloutdave 19:09 24 Jan 2005

Hello all.

I am new to this site and also not very computer literate.

I tried playing a DVD earlier in WMP but it says:

Windows Media Player cannot play the DVD because a compatible DVD decoder is not installed on your computer.

What does this mean and how can i fix it??

I think i am using WMP v10. The layout has a silver background with different options accross the top.

I thankyou in advance for your help.

  Technotiger 19:38 24 Jan 2005

Hi, You need dvd decoder software - this link will take you to a Free Download site

click here


  2neat 20:20 24 Jan 2005


  GaT7 00:26 25 Jan 2005

As Technotiger rightly mentions, in order to play DVDs in WMP one needs (third-party) DVD decoder software (click here), like these for example:
click here or click here (US$15 = GB£8 approx).

I'm not too sure about Cliprex's credentials. All their software seem to be riddled with ad/spyware click here, click here & click here. I would stay WELL away.

For some more freeware players: click here. Unfortunately all have some sort of ad/spyware except Media Player Classic click here, which is Open Source (see one person's review in the above MPC link).

Another inexpensive (& recommended) option would be to get PowerDVD/WinDVD software (which IMHO are better than WMP) from Ebay: click here. Choose PowerDVD over WinDVD as it is generally better. G

  ciderloutdave 08:29 25 Jan 2005

ouch read all of that about cliprex. I dont know much but i think ill stay away from that 1.

Is media Player Classic worth downloading Crossbow7?? What does open source mean??


  Zaphod Beeblebrox 08:40 25 Jan 2005

did you not get any software bundled with the dvd drive?

  rawprawn 09:47 25 Jan 2005

What version have you got? I had a WMP that wouldn't play DVD's, but when I downloaded the latest WMP 10 the problem solved itself.

  rawprawn 09:48 25 Jan 2005

Sorry you said Version 10, just ignore me.

  Stuartli 10:25 25 Jan 2005

Also ensure that DVD is Enabled in WMP's File Types (Tools>Options>File Types).

  ciderloutdave 18:05 25 Jan 2005

i tried to downlaod version 10 and it said that an error had occured, log off and log on as an adminastrator to complete the download and settings.

However i am the only logged user of the PC.

What it did download is what i have now which i presumed to be 10 but it maybe 9.

The drive is the original cd/dvd rom drive that came with the PC. 4 years old.

I used to be able to play DVD's but ive not long had a new HD cuz mine failed so ive just got what i installed off the XP disk.

Stuartli - how do i check that?? I dont have any tools option in my WMP?

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