Can't paste copied data

  bobbyalec 12:22 01 Dec 2008

Hi, and thanks in advance for any help received.

I have just tried to copy 2 names to a different location but when I right-click the mouse it just shows Cut and Copy highlighted, the Paste option is faint type and I can't use it. Been working fine up till now!


  Diodorus Siculus 12:29 01 Dec 2008

What application are you using?

  taffy101 13:08 01 Dec 2008

Does the keyboard shortcut Control + V work to paste ? (Control + C should copy anything selected).

  oldbeefer2 13:19 01 Dec 2008

If paste is greyed out, it would indicate there is nothing on the clipboard. Are you sure you have actually copied something?

  Sea Urchin 13:22 01 Dec 2008

You can check what's on your clipboard - go to Start/Run/type clipbrd/then OK

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