Can't open window in IE

  lilliebet 09:35 03 Dec 2003

Now I've rid myself of my little Trojan visitor, he seems to have left me a little problem. My browser works fine until I click on a link that would open a new window. Then the address bar goes blank and, of course, I go nowhere. Can I just redownload IE from Microsoft to replace this one or is this there something else I should be doing?

  smegs 10:28 03 Dec 2003

click here Try this. It helped me.

  lilliebet 11:12 03 Dec 2003

Thanks but that didn't work. How do I check the registry values in the instructions?

  lilliebet 15:03 03 Dec 2003

Do I have to uninstall IE6 in order to successfully reinstall it? I've tried installing the latest Security Pack version but nothing's changed.

  beeuuem 15:31 03 Dec 2003

If you go to Add/Remove programmes in control panel, select IE6 and go to remove it you will get the option to repair the installation.
May not work but is worth trying.

  lilliebet 16:20 03 Dec 2003

I found that suggestion in a previous string but that did nothing either. I uninstalled and reinstalled IE6 but it's still the same. Methinks Dropper has damaged something on my PC that's causing this. Is this the end?

  brittas 17:33 03 Dec 2003

do you have an earlier version of IE on a cover disk - if so, remove IE6 and put that version on -it may be that Dropper was aimed at IE6 users. It is clutching at straws but remember MSBlast.exe only attached later versions of windows.

  smegs 18:06 03 Dec 2003

lilliebet. If the first bit didn't work, goto the second part. Goto Start button, click on RUN, Type in REGEDIT. When U have found the Right Folders to sort, U will need to click on the Strings on the RIGHT of the page. U will B able to change them that way.

  lilliebet 18:22 03 Dec 2003


Sorry I'm an absolute beginner, I don't even know how to find my way around the registry. I think
I'm a terminal case


I can revert back to version 4 but my kids are hooked on Messenger and couldn't survive without it. I would love to be able to meet the little sweetheart who caused this - maybe show them how to get a life!!

  lilliebet 19:07 03 Dec 2003

OK - I found the registry values listed in Microsofts instructions - they all check out. The next suggestion MS gives is to reinstall but I've already done that without success.

I've only had this machine 3 weeks and all I've had are problems - not sure it's worth all this.

Thanks for trying anyway :-)

  smegs 23:37 03 Dec 2003

Keep the KIDS OFF it!!! ;-)))

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