Can't open program - Serif Photplus 6

  GroupFC 20:00 24 Oct 2008

I have XP home and I am having a problem trying to open this program. Whichever way I try to open it I get the following message:-

"Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permssions to access the item."

I have tried uninstalling and re-installing it, but get the same response.

Anybody got any suggestions?

  Technotiger 20:05 24 Oct 2008

A long-shot but try running click here in its default settings. Then re-start PC and try Photoplus again.

  GroupFC 20:11 24 Oct 2008

Thanks but I used that after I uninstalled the program to clear out any remnants so I don't think that's the answer! Thanks for trying tho'!

  Technotiger 20:17 24 Oct 2008

Is this any help ... click here

  GroupFC 21:03 24 Oct 2008

I don't get the security message on the properties general tab, but having had a trawl I am beginning to wonder if it isn't something to do with one of my security programs.

  Technotiger 21:31 24 Oct 2008

Or perhaps quite simply, your Internet Security settings?

  GroupFC 22:51 24 Oct 2008

Well I have sort of fixed it.

I use the free Comodo Firewall Pro ( I think that my son, when he was using Photoplus answered the firewall request incorrectly, and in effect blocked the application. By setting the "Defense+ Security Level" to disabled instead of the default of Safe mode, I have been able to open Photoplus!

All I have got to do now is work out how to alter the settings within Comodo, so that I don't have to do this every time I want to use Photoplus - but that might be for another post!

  Technotiger 08:33 25 Oct 2008

I guess you are right - I don't use Comodo, so I can't advise you in that respect. Plenty others on here do though!


  johnincrete 14:38 25 Oct 2008

If you have a purchased version of any Serif program, you will find their Tech Support very good and with a quick response. But you have to access it via their web site - ordinary email won't work

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