Can't open Ofice Excel spreadsheet in Windows XP

  SKODANUT 23:23 25 Apr 2008

Have followed MSN Customer care advice,message ".xls is not a valid Win32 application" is not recognised in your archives.

I have received an email listing estimates for maintenance charges (PDF format) plus a matrix "shareout" of tenant costs in a file extension of .xls, file type Excel Spreadsheet.

I suspect the management company is using Windows Office or Professional which presumably isn' recognised by my XP. Can you advise please? Many Thanks, Skodanut

  brundle 23:37 25 Apr 2008

XLS viewer; click here

  SKODANUT 12:19 26 Apr 2008

Wot a great bunch you lads (and ladess's?) are!!

14 minutes to reply, downloaded as suggested and after jiggling around and head scratching got the number-crunching sorted.

As assumed, Office and XP Home isn't compatable but the recommended freebie works a treat. Thanks again and enjoy your kip!! (Or perhaps you nighthawks are responding from Americkee or somewhere??

  DieSse 12:24 26 Apr 2008

"As assumed, Office and XP Home isn't compatable"

They are fully compatible. The problem you have is that Office is not a part of XP - and you don't have the Office software.

Whilst the Excel viewer is fine for looking at spreadsheets, if you want to generate or modify them, it won't do that.

For this you would need to buy MS Office - or better still get the free OpenOffice.

click here

  SKODANUT 18:19 26 Apr 2008

Thanks for the tip re OpenOffice.

I only needed to open Excel to understand how the Bloodsuckers had calculated a 50% increase in Service Charges for my flat, and it sufficed.

Oi be 80 Annos and will pass on your advices to anyone else in this block who want to take up cudgels.

Keep up the good work and thanks again.

  fyz 14:54 08 May 2008


I think the most effective way is to install MS office on your computer. But if you still cannot open the xls file, it may be corrupted and you can try a utility called Advanced Excel Repair to repair your Excel xls file. Its web address is click here Hope the information will be useful.


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