Cant open inbox in Outlook Express

  chesterfield 18:17 14 Jan 2004

I thought it might be a good idea to take some of the hundreds of emails out of my inbox in OE, so I made a couple of folders and moved the majority of the mail into them. Shortly after I did this, I discoverd that I could no longer open my inbox, even though I could see from the number alongside the icon that I was still receiving new mail. Specifically, when I click on the inbox, the prog hangs until I get a 'prog not responding message on the blue bar at the top. I thought I try and access my email through Outlook which I also have installed on my PC but instantly got an error message 'MAPI was unable to load the information service PSTPRX.DLL'. I think there must be a connection between the problems re both of these programmes but despite downloading various service packs I havent managed to sort it yet. PLEASE HELP!

  Diodorus Siculus 18:24 14 Jan 2004

Have you tried a reinstall of OE? It might sort out the problem.

There are programs which will extract your data from the dbx files, but a reinstall may be an easier first option.

  Gongoozler 18:40 14 Jan 2004

This might work. Using Windows Explorer, find inbox.dbx. Move this to a temporary folder. Download dbxtract from click here. You can use this to extract all the entries in inbox.dbx. Then with no inbox.dbx in the original location, close Outlook Express if it is open, and reopen Outlook Express. You should now have an empty Inbox rebuilt by Outlook Express.

  chesterfield 19:00 14 Jan 2004

thanks for the help. how do i go about finding inbox.dbx?

  Diodorus Siculus 19:07 14 Jan 2004

Go to start, search and type in "inbox.dbx" - then tell windows to search the hard disk.

  Jester2K 19:09 14 Jan 2004

Do you have AVG installed?

  chesterfield 19:18 14 Jan 2004

Yes I do - is that part of the problem?

  Jester2K 19:19 14 Jan 2004

What version of Windows?

  Jester2K 19:24 14 Jan 2004

Close OE. Close AVG. Then CTRL, ALT and DELETE. Terminate all processes starting with AVG (AVGCC32, AVGCTRL etc etc)

Now open OE and try again.

If this works then the problem is simple. When you open OE AVG scans EVERY message and attachment. Too many messages and attachments and OE can hang.

Simply keep your mailbox small. Save attachments to hard disk (not another folder in OE). Drag and drop messages to a folder on the hard drive if you want to keep the complete message but minimise the amount of stuff you keep in OE.

Also compact occasionally

File Menu, Folder, Compact All Folders....

  chesterfield 20:39 14 Jan 2004

Jester2K, you have saved my life!

Ive literally spent 3 hours this afternoon trying to sort this.

If there are any award that I can nominate you for please let me know!


  Jester2K 16:45 15 Jan 2004

Hi Really grateful for the help you gave me yesterday regarding Outlook Express and AVG. I though that everything was back to normal but for some reason even though there are only a dozen or so items in my 2 'Sent items' folders, everytime I click on them the prog hangs still hangs. This isnt effecting the 'inbox' though anymore. When I turn off AVG I dont get the problem, but why would AVG have a problem with the 'sent itmes' when they are virtually empty. Grateful for any suggestions that you can offer.


Did you compress the folders after?

File Menu, Folder, Compact All Folders....

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