cant open file extension .BIN

  Ray5776 19:05 15 Mar 2006

Hello everyone,
Have downloaded a firmware update which has the file format *.bin, Windows XP is unable to open it. Can anyone tell me what I require please.


  johnnyrocker 19:08 15 Mar 2006

click here


  octal 19:10 15 Mar 2006

Its a binary file, this site explains it: click here

  Ray5776 19:36 15 Mar 2006

thanks for the links, Windows sent me to filex but I either cant understand it or it does not tell me how to open the file.
Have read octals link and got the gist of it but not sure how to open it.
A bit more explanation, I have downloaded the newest firmware for my DVD writer as it does not write in XP
but does in 2000 so is not the device faulty.
I have unzipped the downloaded file but when I try to install it says "file not open" if I try to open it Windows says it cant and gives the link to filex.


  Ray5776 19:44 15 Mar 2006

Here are the instructions I have

¢À How to upgrade firmware ¢À

1. Download the attached "Bin file(firmware)" and "Sfdnwin.exe file(download
program)" into a temporary folder.

2. When you run "Sfdnwin.exe", Pop-up window will appear. you can see your ROM-
drive(s) in the Pop-up window.
Then choose the drive whose firmware you want to upgrade.
ex)Drive:SAMSUNG CDRW/DVD SM-352B/T900

3. You will see three icons on the top from left.
If you click the first icon from left, you can see "Investigation window" then open
the firmware file that you already downloaded to the temporary folder.

4. You will see the message" Ready" after finding the firmware file that you want.
Then click the middle icon on the top of left. Then your firmware will be upgraded

5. When you finish upgrading firmware , reboot your pc automatically.

¡ØSfdnwin.exe : A program which can make your drive download our firmware(s) in Windows.
(It's for only Windows)

  octal 19:46 15 Mar 2006

Its been a while since I played with bin files, but from memory they are like iso files. If you have Nero try burning a CD from the bin file, you will need the cue file though, this should have been downloaded at the same time as the bin file. I'm doing this from memory because its been a few years since I've done this because I use a different operating system and not Windows.

  octal 19:48 15 Mar 2006

Oh right, have you downloaded the Sfdnwin.exe?

  Ray5776 19:56 15 Mar 2006

Thanks octal.
I have the Sfdnwin.exe which I would have thought would open the *.bin but not to be.
I do not have Nero installed.


  octal 20:00 15 Mar 2006

Ignore my comments about Nero, they don't apply in your case. Can you see the bin file when Sfdnwin.exe opens and you follow the instructions?

  [email protected] 20:11 15 Mar 2006

Put the 2 files you downloaded on to a floppy. Leave the floppy in the drive and restart your PC. The .exe should flash up and install the .bin file. You have no need to open it.

  Ray5776 20:29 15 Mar 2006

octal, yes I can see it and I follow the instructions
but it says "File not open"

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