rddowns123 16:11 16 Oct 2006

Hello Folks!

I'm running XP, with SP2 pack, and when I open the control panel, I can't access certain components- ie. security centre, add/remove programmes, etc. The task manager won't open either, nor will the calculator, or note pad.

I've tried system restore, but to no avail- it won't restore even though it was on (I turned it off and now can't turn it back on as I can't access this feature. Everything works fine in safe mode by the way!

The computer is running fine and is supported with Avast, Ewido/AVG, Spybot, and I've run Stinger and Windows defender to no avail.

Is this a registry issue or a virus/spyware? I have a highjackthis log but it is too long for the post limit and as a beginner, I can make neither head nor tail of! Let me know if that is needed.

Please, someone help me! Thanks in advance!


  Jackcoms 16:18 16 Oct 2006

Try repairing XP.

Sometimes the system files (those required to run Windows properly) can become corrupted.

Here's how to run a check on your system files:
• Click Start; Run.
• In the Run box, type cmd.exe to open the command prompt window.
• At the prompt, type sfc.exe /scannow
• Press ENTER. If Windows finds problems with the system files, you will be prompted to insert your Windows XP installation CD to restore the files.

If no problems are found and the scan finishes, type exit and press ENTER.

  rddowns123 16:24 16 Oct 2006


After typing cmd.exe, the command prompt appears for all of one nano second then disappears... so can't go any further.

Also, I have a Dell, and no XP disc was ever given.

Thanks for advice, anymore?!

  Stuartli 16:31 16 Oct 2006

Some help:

click here

  Stuartli 16:38 16 Oct 2006

Try Classic View from the Start menu (tip in XP Help and Support).

  rddowns123 16:46 16 Oct 2006


Tried what you suggested, but I think it is more sinister! I can open the control,panel, but, for example, when I click on add/remove progs nothing happens. Also, I can't even access help/support- same thing happens!

Very frustrating- the PC is runnig better than ever in other ways!

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