Can't log into windows 7

  Sobeit 14:34 26 Sep 2010

Hi all.
Woe is me!
I wanted to test a laptop HDD from a Acer Aspire 5738Z running Vista.
My daughters laptop is the same model running Windows 7.
I put the HDD I wanted testing in to my daughters laptop.
It booted fine so I swapped them back.
When I booted my daughters laptop it was showing the user accounts from the other HDD??
I rebooted, it wanted to run a checkdisc but I pressed a key to bypass it.
It booted and all was well, there were the users that should be there.
I switched it off.
My daughter turned it on some time later and it ran a checkdisc showing thousands of files flying by on the screen.
Many mentioned 'orphaned files'.
Since it did this I haven't been able to get into the laptop.
It boots, the welcome screen appears but there are no user names, no way of logging in.
It just has a blue language select icon top left, a icon bottom left to do with options for ease of access, the shut down/restart icon bottom right and the 'Windows 7 Home Premium' logo accross the bottom.
I've tried using F8, repair, system restore, safe mode, no luck.
I can get a command prompt, don't know if there is any way of getting in from there?
I'm stumped, I need to recover data before any clean install.
Any help much appreciated.

  mgmcc 15:21 26 Sep 2010

I can't see how data from the Vista drive has been retained after swapping the drives back again. What I'd do though is to remove both the mains adapter and the battery, so that the Laptop has no power. Leave it for a couple of hours to let any residual charge dissipate from the components, then power up again and see if it behaves properly.

  woodchip 15:30 26 Sep 2010

No Idea how you got it to work with a Drive from another computer. As all drivers and hardware would most likely by different

  Sobeit 15:38 26 Sep 2010

mgmcc, nor me, didn't know it was possible but if you saw what I saw you would be just as amazed.
I will try what you say but i have a feeling that data has been written to the original hdd and corrupted the registry.

woodchip, I did nothing but unplug the original hdd and plugged the other hdd in it's place.
Bear in mind that both laptops are the exact same model but running a different os.

If anyone has advice on recovering the data (the hdd boots but I can't log in) do let me know.
Can I simply get an adapter to slave it to my desk top?
If so what do I need to do exactly.
Thanks so far, much appreciated.

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