Can't log on to new hard drive

  benton 13:25 18 Sep 2006

After loads of bother with my 12 month old Tiny computer which had XP Home OS loaded, I was given a hard drive loaded with XP Professional OS which I fitted. I disconnected the original hard drive IDE cable and power lead and connected up the new Drive..When I tried to boot up, it booted up with XP Home until the screen was with filled with data then cut out and restarted, booting up again with XP Home. This carried on in a loop until I switched off. How is this happening?

  ArrGee 13:45 18 Sep 2006

Whilst XP Pro maybe on the hard drive, it is not loaded into your system. You need to install the OS before you can use it. At present, your registry is still adapted to XP Home.

  User-312386 14:02 18 Sep 2006

It sounds like the old HDD has either 2 boot directories or has been split into dual boot

Can you get into safe mode?


Can you get into the BIOS by pressing the delete key and see the boot order of the HDD's?

  silverous 21:36 19 Sep 2006

ArrGee, not strictly true - he advised that he disconnected the original hard disk, where the registry would be stored.

You are correct though - the hard drive was configured on another system so will be confused. There is also the issue of windows activation (I seem to recall this applies to Professsional?) which will tie the O/S to the PC.

You could try stepping through the startup (hit F8 when windows is starting up before logo appears) and choose safe mode.

To be honest this isn't a good way of installing XP on your system - you are better off getting the CD and installing from scratch.

  Strawballs 22:47 19 Sep 2006

You will have all the drivers from the system that it came out of so even if you do get it to boot windows will detect all of this new hardware load the drivers for it and you will almost certainly get a conflict between MoBo drivers then of course there will be the reactivation because of so much new hardware.

  cowboy62 23:06 19 Sep 2006

when u sytem boots up it will be looking for the system that xp wos loaded in to not ur system u will need to do a formatt and reinstall ur windowsxp from scratch and this should cure ur problem

  benton 11:18 20 Sep 2006

Thanks fellows, I will try all these suggestions and hopefully solve my problem. At the moment, I have reconnected the original hard drive but will try these moves at a later date. Thanks all.

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