Can't log onto anything MSN

  Dewman 03:17 12 Dec 2003

I have windows xp home edition and all of a sudden I can't log into any thing with msn,,messenger or my msn . I am not sure what is going on here can anyone help. I have tried to also down load the latist security patch for IE 6 exe but it wont allow me to.
I can go thru net scape and log into msn but not msn messenger. I only can not sign in thru I/E

  Diodorus Siculus 12:37 12 Dec 2003

Try emptying your temp internet files / cookies and see if it helps with IE.

  Jester2K II 13:32 12 Dec 2003

Does it freeze when you try? White screen?

  Dewman 16:23 12 Dec 2003

No it does not freeze up or anything. It only displays a window that says page can't be found and it is only when I try to access msn to sign in. I can get the sign in page but when i hit enter to sign in then I get page can't be found. and this only happens when I use internet explorer and also I cant sign into messenger no matter what I use.

  ricvic 17:01 12 Dec 2003

Sadly I have no solution for this, but I know of another case like it. I hunted around microsoft knowledgebase for some time and found a reference to deleting certain files from internet explorer. It is, I think, something to do with a corruption in security settings. Sorry i cannot be more specific but this should put you on the right track.

In the other case, the problem started when messenger 6 was installed - but was not solved when mess was deleted.

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