Can't Log In

  muscic lover 23:36 26 Feb 2003

does anybody know why, when i type in the following url why I cant log in to it? The URL is

click here

Its the pc advisor competition site. I have been a member of this site HERE for well over a year and not had problems like this before.

Internet explorer says at the bottom of the screen 'done' but displays a white page.
I run windows ME on a capable machine, and use I.E version 6...... I have a norton firewall and virus software too.....
Is there something I should know? (as Duran Duran sang about in the 1980's!)

Thanks in advance

  Steinman 00:00 27 Feb 2003

Have u tried Refresh?
Have u tried Minimising Window & then Maximising it?
Are u downloading/uploading anything else & so getting crawl rate of download?

  muscic lover 00:09 27 Feb 2003

tried all them bits.... Still not able to view page......

now tugging my toupee bald!

  hugh-265156 00:10 27 Feb 2003

site was a bit slow toay from time to time for some reason.just busy i guess.

  hugh-265156 00:11 27 Feb 2003

today sorry

  Ironman556 00:32 27 Feb 2003

Has it loaded before? If not it may be privacy settings? If you've got somthing that blocks sites it can sometimes come up withe the "Done" message. Have a look in the privacy options of IE6 if you havn't already.

  muscic lover 00:45 27 Feb 2003

having put my pc onto the lowest security setting and the security at the lowest the url click here still doent appear.......

Am at a total loss over this one.....

Toupee now bald patch!

  muscic lover 00:47 27 Feb 2003

the url is
click here

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