Can't install Windows XP..please help!

  User-DC54739E-C813-411C-8F17BC64846610C4 09:36 11 May 2009

Hi guys, hoping somebody can help...

Some weeks ago, I had a message saying Windows XP Service Pack 3 was ready to be installed. However, when it started the install, it flashed up a blue screen - the kind you get when run scandisk - and I could see it deleting the program files for my copy of Norton AV.

When Windows loaded again, lots of things were wrong - the desktop colours were wrong, the mouse wouldn't work properly, and there was no sound at all - the soundcard had dissapeared, and nothing I could do would bring it back.

I decided to go for a re-install of Windows XP. However, when the install was over, and I tried to boot, it would just hang. With no other options, I took my hard drive to a friends house, and he formatted it for me, so I could do a fresh install.

When I boot up the PC now, despite changing the settings in the BIOS, it's not booting from CD - which means the XP setup screen isn't appearing. Instead, it seems to be trying to boot from the harddrive, and I'm getting a message saying "ntldr is missing, press crtl-esc-del to restart".

I checked this out, and it appears that a bad install of Windows can cause this, but the hard drive is blank and formatted. For some reason, it wasn't booting from the CD Rom first, as requested, it was ignoring it. Thinking that maybe I needed to boot the CD Rom manually, I downloaded the Windows XP boot disk and put it onto floppy.

However, the PC STILL won't boot, and I'm still getting the "ntldr is missing" message. It appears, despite having the BIOS set to boot from floppy, then CD, that the system is trying to read the floppy boot disk in the drive. Does anybody have any ideas how I can get round this? Is it possible I have a virus that's done something to my motherboard or BIOS which means it permanently ignores boot from floppy and CD commands? Could it be a problem with my Windows XP CD, even though it's always worked before?

So, in summary (and thanks for sticking with this, I appreciate it's a long one!)

I have a harddrive, formatted, that I'm to load a new install of Win XP on. I'm getting a message saying "ntldr is missing". I've got a Windows XP CD, and a floppy disk boot disk setup, but for some reason - it APPEARS that the BIOS isn't trying to boot from, despite the settings telling it to. Has anybody has this problem before, and can they think of a possible solution? I've got a blank harddrive, a Windows CD, and a set of floppy boot disks, but I can't install the OS! Please, please, please help



  Barnacarry 09:42 11 May 2009

Have a look at this click here

Hey Barnacarry, really appreciate you taking the time to reply, thanks. I saw that post earlier, via a search, and I'll give it a go. My main concern, though, is that only yesterday I made a floppy boot disk via the Microsoft website, and it hasn't helped. The problem seems to be that the PC isn't picking up the floppy disk OR CD Rom, despite being told to do so in the BIOS settings...any other ideas, anyone, in case this doesn't work?


  Barnacarry 10:05 11 May 2009

Unplug the computer and remove the battery from the motherboard and leave for 30 minutes or more so that it returns to 'default' mode, make sure you earth yourself first. Then replace the battery and, assuming that your blank hard drive is formatted, start the computer with your XP disk inserted.

Ok, thanks - I will give that a try. Much appreciated.

It worked, thanks! However, I now have a new problem, and will create a new post. Your help on this thread has been greatly appreciated, thanks.

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