can't install vista 64 bit oem :(

  Jimmy08 13:27 01 May 2009

i really need some help, i have asked this question on and i still haven't had a response, i'm hoping you guys maybe a little nicer..
I have an oem disk of vista ultimate 64 bit, i've installed it successfully before and had been running it fine since november last year. My laptop started running slow and i unluckily ended up getting a few virus' and things. I decided to completely wipe the hdd and start fresh.. I then reinstalled vista and found that all it did was cram a new set of windows files ontop of the old files, so it left me with 2 gig of free space left out of 120, so that didn't work, i researched ways to format and couldn't find much to help.. Then i found a program called dban (boot and nuke) it finaally cleared my hdd.
Anyway after that i put the vista oem disk in, changed the boot settings to make it boot and it wouldn't.. And even now, i have tried so many ways to try and install the disk but it just won't work. I have changed boot settings, tried using command prompt, tried hitting each of the function keys at start up. But still never loading. So i installed the vista home premium 32 on it for now so i could try loading the disk in windows.. All i get is a message saying it's not a valid windows 32 bit application..
But anyway i have tried so many ways, i just want my fast laptop back, it runs so much better in 64 bit..
I just want to know if i can somehow force windows to install vista 64 bit.. It should work as i have installed it before and i've even copied the disk 3 times and tried them too.
I have searched endlessly on google and pc sites with no luck.
If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated :)

  Zeppelyn 15:00 01 May 2009

Well you certainly wont do it from within 32 bit Home Premium, the two are not compatible.

You need to boot from the DVD and select advanced options to wipe the existing disk and then point the install at that partition.

  Jimmy08 22:37 01 May 2009

i know 32 and 64 bit aren't compatible, hence why it won't load inside windows.
The laptop will not boot the dvd at all, the screen does go black and a curser appears but pressing keys does nothing and not doing anything does nothing as well, it just always loads windows hp.

I want to know how to force the disk to boot

  jamesd1981 13:19 02 May 2009

hi jimmy why dont you partion your hard drive using gparted then run vista 32 on c and 64 on the new partion this should be simple to do its the setup my uncle runs.

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