Can't install old PM5 from CD

  xcalibr39 02:57 15 Nov 2007

Hoping someone can help me install my ancient PageMaker5 on a new HP Pavilion m7580n. I bought PM5 in 1991. It came on 6 floppies, one of which looked ready to go bad. I got them onto a CD-R, in 6 folders numbered 1-6. I owned several machines in recent years, and successfully installed PM5 from the CD-R every time, so I dumped the floppies. New machine has no floppy drive. I have no trouble installing from the CD onto older machines, but no such luck with the new one. First message that comes up is "Error initializing installer. Cannot create directory I:\1\USENGLISH". I’m guessing that in the good old days of DOS, a simple ASSIGN command would do the trick, changing I: to D: But XP doesn’t recognize this command any more.

I desperately need to work on some .PM5 files created over the years. Any thoughts?

  xania 10:57 15 Nov 2007

One of the easiest options might be to either partition your hard disk to create a new partition which you could designate I:\, but be aware that some earlier versions of software will not load in XP, so if you have not used XP for this previously, you may alkso have to revert to a dueal partition system with 98SE.

  ventanas 11:11 15 Nov 2007

I had problems loading PageMaker 6 onto XP and eventually gave up.

Dual booting with Win98 as suggested may be your best (or only) option.

  xcalibr39 13:56 15 Nov 2007

Oh, I should have been more specific. The new machine is XP Media Center Home, and the older machines on which I successfully installed from CD have ranged from Win9x to XP. On all those older machines, I guess the CD drive was D:, whereas on the new machine it's I: I tried on an old XP machine at work the other night. No problem.

  ventanas 14:24 15 Nov 2007

Ok, if your cd drive is "I" and from your first post that is where it's trying to install to, my guess is just that. It's trying to install to the same drive as that which it is installing from. As this is an optical drive it can't do it.

Try copying the whole of the cd to your C drive and trying again.

  xcalibr39 14:51 15 Nov 2007

Thanks for the suggestion, Ventanas. I tried it, and ran ALDSETUP from the C: drive. Got a similar error message..."Cannot create directory I:\1" Very odd. If I stick the CD in an older machine on which the CD is D:, it installs happily to C:

  ventanas 15:16 15 Nov 2007

I assume you get an option to change the installation path. Is it possible to force a change of folder, or does this still give the same error?

I don't know what aldsetup is. Is there not just a simple setup file on the cd?

  xania 08:51 16 Nov 2007

Best thing is to re-allocate your existing D:\ drive to another letter and then allocate your CD drive to D:\. In case yu're not sure how to do this

click here

  xcalibr39 13:45 16 Nov 2007

Thanks for the link, Xania. I successfully reassigned D: to Z:, and I: to D: Unfortunately ALDSETUP.EXE still issues the same error "Cannot create directory I:\1". I'm now thinking of changing the read-only attribute of the ALDSETUP.EXE that's on the C: drive, downloading a hex editor, and changing any instances of I: to C:

Before trying that, however, I'll try throwing myself on the mercy of Adobe. Maybe they'll have a fix, or if not, maybe they'll take pity and send me a CD of PM7. Fat chance, eh? Adobe quickly abandoned PageMaker in favor of InDesign. So, even though I'm the registered owner of Aldus PM5, I'm probably out of luck.

It could just be that XP Media Center is the first O/S that just won't allow installation of PM5.

  xania 14:09 16 Nov 2007

They won't send it for free but you can find out if you're eligible for the upgrade.

click here

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