Can't install my Scanner

  Nuneatonian 09:33 23 Sep 2005

I recently had to increase my RAM in order to buy a new printer. I installed this to usb 1 (where my scanner used to be) my old printer used to be connected to the parallel port, and its hard to get a new one without a usb connection. I have now tried to install my scanner again but I having problems doing this. When I put in the disc it stops and the picture what says installing just hangs and does nothing else. I have tried to do via the scanner and camera wizard but its too hard to follow, and just mentions cameras on this. How do I install my scanner. I have windows ME. Please do not get too technical for me as I am quite a novice to all this. Thanks

  Jackcoms 09:40 23 Sep 2005

So you disconnected the scanner from USB 1 and connected your new printer to that USB port?

Having disconnected the scanner, did you uninstall its software?

If you did NOT uninstall the software, you MAY find that by simply connecting the scanner to another USB port you will be OK.

Try it and report back.

  woodchip 09:41 23 Sep 2005

Ram should not need increasing just to fit a new Printer. As to your Scanner, go into Device Manager, as it sounds like you are running Win98 or WinME right click on My Computer\Properties\Device Manager look for yellow Icons click on and remove, before Restarting your computer remove USB Printer and or Scanner. Allow to boot the put the CD in that you got with Scanner Printer run software then plug in hardware. PS I would suggest you put the Memory back as it was, the Memory you fitted may be faulty

  pip22 09:50 23 Sep 2005

First make sure any existing driver software for the scanner has been uninstalled (check device manager). With most USB scanners, you have to install the driver software while the scanner is disconnected from the PC USB port. Then re-start Windows, plug the scanner into the PC USB port, at which point Windows should detect it and ask you if you want Windows to search for the driver automatically -- answer 'yes'. Windows should then find the driver you installed. One last point, make sure the driver you're trying to install is for Windows ME. A Windows 98 USB driver in most cases will not work with ME. If the scanner instructions do not mention Windows ME, the supplied driver will most likely not be compatible. Check the makers website for an ME driver for your scanner model.

  Nuneatonian 10:47 23 Sep 2005

First of all I would like to mention that I had some problems with the computer, so I completely cleared my computer to its "out of box" condition, so it took all my programs off including my scanner and printer. I didn't put my scanner back in just my printer, which at the time was ok.
The scanner I have got and my first printer came with my computer and both worked fine, which I mentioned 1 in usb and the other with parellel connections. But my printer packed up and I decided to get a new printer. When I went to buy a new one I found that I didn't have enough RAM for the up to date ones, I only had 24RAM.
I put more memory in and bought a new printer, I put this into usb 1, thinking when I did put my scanner back I would just have to install it connect it to the other usb and that was it.

  Jackcoms 11:06 23 Sep 2005

24 RAM???

How much do you have now?

  ventanas 11:23 23 Sep 2005

Can you give us the make and model of the scanner. It should be possible to provide a link to a downloadable driver, which would make it unecessary to use the cd, which looks as if it is faulty. Also how old is the machine, 24mb ram is an incredibly small amount, even for a WinMe computer to be supplied with. Also as Jackcoms asks, how much do you have now?

  Nuneatonian 11:35 23 Sep 2005

The Scanner is a Mustek 1200-UB
I now have 120 RAM
My husband bought it for me in 2000. In those days we knew nothing about computers or technical things, so didn't know how low RAM we had got.
I have however noticed on the disk it says Microsoft windows 95 0SR2/98
and also mentions 32MB RAM disk space. It did work before.

  ventanas 11:49 23 Sep 2005

click here Its the last one in the list

  Nuneatonian 12:14 23 Sep 2005

Having looked at the list do I have to download all disks?
If it doesn't work can I just use restore to remove the driver?

  woodchip 12:23 23 Sep 2005

In Win95-98 there is no Restore only a Registry Restore. If you want to restore the Registry shut computer down to DOS from Start\Shut Down\Restart in DOS Mode then at C:\WINDOWS> type SCANREG /RESTORE so it looks like this

C:\WINDOWS>SCANREG /RESTORE then press enter key. This will bring up a Blue Screen with Gegistry retore Date's pick a Date with the Arrow key's then click Enter key

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