Can't insert photo from file

  Trikie 14:25 12 Aug 2004

Trying to make a CD cover by inserting a picture from file I have used 3 different programs - all 3 freeze up when they go to the file containing a picture I want to insert. Programs are Avery Design Pro, Verbatim Denoto and Microsoft Picture-It 2002.

Using XP Home and have had no problem with this function before.

  Baledor 14:29 12 Aug 2004

What format is the image & size?

  wee eddie 15:22 12 Aug 2004

Try this.

Open the Photo you are intending to import > File > Save as > name it pic01.jpg > It should now be considerably smaller > Try and import the new file.

  Trikie 15:52 13 Aug 2004

Thanks, but thats had no effect.

I've also tried to import a picture into Works Word Processor with the same result it freezes with the message Not Responding. Could the problem be in XP's My Pictures folder?

  cga 16:03 13 Aug 2004

I am only guessing but is this a very big file? How big is it? and what format?
How big is the fesult of the save as suggested by wee eddie?
Can you open the photo with anything?

  wee eddie 16:39 13 Aug 2004

There may be problems.

You really want to get it below .5Mg or so.

  Trikie 21:57 13 Aug 2004

The picture I'm trying to insert is 1,551KB

I think the problem is somewhere else

  Trikie 21:59 13 Aug 2004

Should have added that I did convert from bmp to jpeg.

  wee eddie 06:00 14 Aug 2004

That is a big file.

Try to reduce it to below 500Kg

  Dorsai 07:35 14 Aug 2004

It could be that the picture is corrupted. I have had this once or twice, and sometomes a corupted jpg file crashes the jpg decoder. If you still have access to the original bmp i would delete the jpg version, and start again.

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