Cant Import OE email

  hawthorn59 01:02 23 May 2006

Hi folks.

Forgive me for trying again, but I still havent resolved my problems with importing emails to OE. Now I wont go through all the details, just a summary.
I reformatted my laptop, and before doin so tried to backup my many email messages/folders. I dont know what I may have done wrong (Ive done this successfully before)but I do know I couldnt locate the "store" folder (discovered from 1 response that some folders were hidden from view, so solved the location problem).

Anyway, I copied them to a thumb drive, and when my laptop was up and running again, created a folder on my desktop and there they are. I cant import them; Ive tried copy and paste, and import email.
Yes they will appear in Outlook Express but they're empty! Whereas in my desktop folder they are all different sizes, and clearly not empty.

Also they seem to be copying themselves! I think it happened when I imported them, suddenly there were 4 or 5 copies of everything. i deleted the copies.

Now, since reformatting, there is some new email in my Outlook Express. I dont want to lose these while trying to rectify the situation.

To cut a long story short, I have all my emails/folders in a folder on my desktop but cant get them into Outlook Espress; can only get their names (files appear empty) I am at my wits end as there are several emails I need.

Again sorry for trying again but Im desperate!


  Taff™ 09:52 23 May 2006

Try renaming the DBX folders. e.g. Old Inbox, Old Sent Items etc. Now move them from the Desktop to another folder and try to import them from there.

  Wak 09:55 23 May 2006

Hi, I would have assumed that you could have imported them to OE straight from your storage device instead of putting them on the desk top.
However, if you put OEVIEW in Google you will be able to download the OEView program and then be able to read/copy/save your old e-mails (.DBX files).
Hope this helps.

  hawthorn59 21:55 23 May 2006

Actually I think I did try to import them directly from the thumb drive. Coudl you just run through the procedure again, for bringing them in from a folder (without, hopefully, interfering with my current email)



  hawthorn59 21:58 23 May 2006

Oh heres somethin a little odd, that I forgot to mention. I use Mozilla Firefox, when I go to Tools, to Read Mail, it actually says "Read Mail (13New Messages)". This is ever since I tried to import the emails. I has Firefox got anything to do with the problem?


  hawthorn59 01:01 25 May 2006

OK I've been at this so long now Im going to keep plugging away, if you have the patience for me!

Right, I downloaded OEView and its a nice programme; and it means at least i can access my emails in the folder on the desktop.

But I cant for the life of me see why I cant import the emails. I thought it was something I did in the original transfer, at the time of the reformat. So I decided to try again from scratch with just ONE email folder. Heres what I did step by step.

Found location of Store Folder. Copied location, pasted it into Run.

"Cut" a folder with just 1 email message in it; and pasted it into a newly created folder on the desktop(so its in a new store folder)

Went into Outlook Express; went to File/Import/Messages/Microsoft Outlook Express 6

Selected "Import mail from OE6 store directory"

Browsed to location of new "store" folder

Clicked Next and got this message

"No messages can be found in this folder or another application is running that has the required files open.Please select another folder or try closing applications that may have files open"

And thats it. As far as I can see the required files are not open or in use. This is as far as I can get. So it doesnt even import files from my new email.

Theres one other curious thing maybe related;
in Mozilla Firefox, which i use, when I go to read my mail, I click Tools and Read Mail. But it says "Read Mail(13New)" This 13New is there all the time, and only happened since I used OE after the reformat and the attempt to import my emails.

I dont know if any one can help me.....its strange and frustrating!

Many thanks, all,


  Taff™ 08:08 25 May 2006

Ok back to the basics. Have you tried the following?

In Outlook Express, click File menu, point to Import, and then click Messages. In the Select an e-mail program to import from box, click Microsoft Outlook Express 5 or Microsoft Outlook Express 6, and then click Next. Click Import mail from an OE5 store directory or Import mail from an OE6 store directory, and then click OK.
Click Browse, and then click on the email backup folder Click OK, and then click Next.
Click All folders, click Next, and then click Finish.

  hawthorn59 03:34 27 May 2006

Thats what I did, i described it earlier in the post. But I only get as far as browsing to the email backup folder, click OK, click next THEN I get the message I quoted above.



  Taff™ 08:42 27 May 2006

OK This has worked for me before so we`ll try this. First of all rename the dbx folders as I said before to Old Inbox etc. Make a note of all the names - they must be unique and not the same as any in your current OE.

Open Outlook Express and create a new folder called "xxx" this is for Identifcation purposes and can be deleted later. Now create folders with identical names to those you changed. Open Tools>Options and on the Maintenance Tab click on Store Folder and make a note of it`s location. Close OE.

Now open Windows Explorer(My Computer) and browse to your store folder for OE. You`ll know if it`s the right one because it will have xxx.dbx in it and all the new but empty folders.

Now cut and paste all your old folders into this store folder. NOTE: Don`t copy the one called folders.dbx (This one is how OE knows what is supposed to be here) When prompted overwrite the files.

Now open OE and see if the messages are in the appropriate folders. If this doesn`t work I would think that the dbx folders have become corrupted. Let us know how you get on.

  hawthorn59 00:32 01 Jun 2006

Incredibly that worked!I am trying to reason the logic of it... Before, I was trying to import, maybe that was why.

I just did it with one file, just to see. Now i will do the rest. I am tempted to try to copy and paste as they are, it might work, but I think I'll play safe and do what works!

Just one thing I now notice, I actually have an archive of emails from last year that I may never, or maybe only rarely, need to look at. How and where would you store them? I dont think its worth pasting them back in, but where to store them and in what format, and how to read them IF I need to?

Anyway, much thanks for solving the main problem!


  hawthorn59 00:51 01 Jun 2006

Just when i thought things were ok.....the xxx folder is gone. When I open OE its there, but when I navigate to the folder in Explorer (or copy/paste/run the location) its GONE. i even created another folder for identification and its gone too...


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