Can't Hear Ion USB Turntable

  Big Trev 16:40 03 Oct 2010

I have been reinstating my PC after decorating the office and the USB turntable no longer works.

I have perfect playback of MP3 files and all the speakers are connected properly. The sound is not muted.

When I use the Audacity software that came with the Turntable it only shows one channel and isn't picking up the sound.

The USB cables are fine. No problems there. USB port likewise.

The only time I can hear anything from the turntable is when I go into Control Panel / Sounds and Audio Devices. Under the Voice tab, if I check hardware and follow that process I can hear the record on the turntable. It doesn't sound as it's in stereo though.

Sound Playback Device is IDT Audio 1 Recording Device is USB Audio Codec (which the found new hardware gizmo identifies when you plug the turntable in).

Running XP SP3.

Please help!

  Ian in Northampton 17:41 03 Oct 2010

"Getting Sound from the Computer, But No Sound from the Turntable
Go into the Ion's Audacity software and select "Monitor Input." It's tricky to find but if you take a good, hard look under the level meters you will see a microphone icon; next to that there is a downward pointing arrow icon. Click on it and select "Monitor Input." and you should now hear sound."

This from

click here

which rings a bell from when I was using the Ion USB turntable to convert a load of vinyl.

Read more: Best Way - Ion USB Turntable Troubleshooting | click here

  Big Trev 18:01 03 Oct 2010

I've tried this and it hasn't worked, I'm afraid.

It is now showing some sort of red bar suggesting a signal, but only on one channel.

Audacity is registering the sound is there, but again only on one channel.

We're closer though!

  lotvic 18:05 03 Oct 2010

bookmarked for reference, thanks

  Ian in Northampton 18:30 03 Oct 2010

There's something else there in Audacity, and I'm racking my brain trying to think what it is. I have a feeling you were barking up the right tree when you talked about your playback and recording device, but I no longer have Audacity installed and I'm damned if I can remember what it was.

I wonder if it's this?

"Now open Audacity and go to "Edit->Preferences->Audio I/O" and set the to the same as above."

from click here

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