Can't go direct to required website

  jonem81 10:57 30 Nov 2012

When I am on a website, and there is a link to another website, I am annoyed that Google pops up, requesting password and email. I DON'T want to go through Google everytime I need to link to another site. Can any forum member help, please?


  Sea Urchin 12:58 30 Nov 2012

When you say "Google pops up" what exactly does open up that asks for your password and email?

  jonem81 13:04 30 Nov 2012

Sea Urchin Thye Google website. jonem81

  jonem81 13:06 30 Nov 2012

Sea Urchin


That should have read "The Google website"


  iscanut 13:09 30 Nov 2012

What browser are you using, what is your default search engine and please let us know the exact URL of the "website"..www.????????

  Sea Urchin 13:11 30 Nov 2012

The Google website doesn't ask for password etc unless you are referring to the site for Google Mail

  Woolwell 13:17 30 Nov 2012

iGoogle can ask for your password. But you shouldn't get it "pop up" when clicking on a link.

  jonem81 14:34 30 Nov 2012

iscanut My browser is: Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7 (64bit).

Default Search Engine

Will post more details of events later.

Thank you for your response.


  jonem81 11:54 01 Dec 2012


Sea Urchin


Can't go direct to required website. posted N0v 30

more details about the links to website [email protected]

I clicked on a link on a website for more information about a product and was re-directed to "google// +++++++!"



Sign in



But of course, I do not want this. I want to go straight to the link that was on the website I was browsing!

Any ideas, please?


  rdave13 12:04 01 Dec 2012

Just a thought, do you have Gmail Notifier installed?

  Secret-Squirrel 12:41 01 Dec 2012

"more details about the links to website [email protected]"

The "[email protected]" link you've mentioned is what's called a mailto: link. It's not a website address but is instead used to e-mail a company or individual. When a user clicks a mailto: link, their default e-mail application is opened. In your case it sounds like Google Mail is set as the default and it's asking you to login.

I think rdave is on the right track with his Gmail Notifier query.

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