cant get wireless on laptop

  charles60 08:05 02 Feb 2011

Hi need some help with my wife's computer here. I think its only small thing. I will now explain a few days ago O2 informed me that our router was been upgraded so that we would get a better wireless service. So put the new router in on my main computer everything went OK it done everything automatically not asking for new WPA PSK code nothing. But on my laptop it did and also my and my wife's i Phone also asked for it everything was OK until we done my wife's laptop it said "It could not find wireless Network and it gave me a code which was "W2C 8711122" which went to Goggle typed in got Microsoft "MR FIX IT" it then done its magic and seemed to fix the problem GREAT FIXED! WRONG Soon has my wifes laptop is switched of and then back on again it says it cant find Network and i have to go though MR FIX IT again. Is there any way to fix this silly problem. My wifes laptop runs Windows XP sreies 3 update Thanks

  charles60 14:13 02 Feb 2011

Opps sorry forgot to mention what my wifes Laptop is its a Dell Inspron 1300

  northumbria61 14:38 02 Feb 2011

Go to Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services - scroll down to find WLAN Autoconfig is "Started" - do you also have a "wireless" button on your laptop that you may have accidentally turned off?

  charles60 15:36 02 Feb 2011

done what you have said gone to services all i can find is dell wireless WLan next to it it has the word "started" the wifi light on the laptop is lit cant find WLAN Autoconfig I presume services is the one with the little cog as its icon

  woodchip 16:02 02 Feb 2011

Go into Router setup page and write wireless settings down like SSID and WPA PSK code down so you can enter them into the laptop connection settings

  daxian 16:27 02 Feb 2011

hi .....
it is probably down to automatic connections ...
goto your wireless connction in the taskbar ,right click ,choose properties and look for manage auto connections or similar delete the ones not in use .
just leave the one that works .Dave

  charles60 16:42 02 Feb 2011

think i have done that this what comes up "Windows cannot configure this wireless connection.If you have enabled a another programme to manage this wireless connection use that software" well i have tryed the O2 disc that was no help.Then it goes on to say "If you want windows to configure this wireless connection, start the Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC) service. For information about starting the WZC service,see article 871122 in the Microsoft Base on the microsoft .com Web site" Well i did that like i said above Microsoft Mr Fix It seem to have fixed it but as soon as turn the lap top off then switch om again i lose the network again

  charles60 17:01 02 Feb 2011

YIPEEEEEEEEEEEE:-)Managed to FIX it ! went to control panel went to wireless cofig it was set on my old router. working fine now WHAT a STUPID IDIOT I WAS God I wish I was younger then i would not make these silly mistakes! but again if it was not for you guys above help i would of not done it. thanks once again Lads :-)

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