Cant get Windows on !

  BEARBEE 16:12 22 Jul 2008

Ive just taken an old P.C. off my friend to try and fix, when the PC turns on you get after a few seconds a 'Packard Bell' screen giving you the option to enter BIOS or Safe Mode,(you can enter BIOS but not Safe Mode), after another few seconds you get the Windows screen which shows the moving blue 'boxes' showing wiindows is loading, then the screen goes black and nothing ! The PC is still whiring away but the screen stays black. I then rebooted and tried o enter safe mode, same again, I again rebooted and entered the BIOS and checked we were booting from where we should and all is OK, we then changed boot device to CD/DVD as first and enter the first one of the 3 discs that my friend said were with it which are simply labelled 'CD Master 1,2 and 3' and same happens. So I turned off the C and checked all ribbon cables are OK and connected correctly to the hard drive etc and all is fine, at this point I also changed the CR2032 small motherboard battery but we still have the same problem.

The O/S is Windows XP Home which does have the original 25 digit key on the side if needed however we do not have the actual O/S CD just the 3 master cd's I mentioned earlier.

I'm unsure of where to go from here, there is no graphics card so it is onboard graphics and I know the screen works because it works on mine.

Any ideas guys where I go from here ?
All answers/suggestions appreciated !

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:17 22 Jul 2008

The PC is still whiring away but the screen stays black.

Possibly a problem with the graphics driver.

Screen can stay black for a while (as long as the monitor does not go into standby) it can be worth waiting (upto 30 minutes).

  BEARBEE 16:37 22 Jul 2008

Thanks for the reply Fruit Bat/\0/\ but I've sorted it !

I had another think and had a better look at the internal gubbins and immediately realised that the CD drive was connected to FDC, the Hard Drive was connected to IDE 2 and the Floppy was connected to nothing ! I plugged the Floppy into FDC, the CD into IDE 2 and the Hard Drive into IDE 1, rebooted and Bob is most definately now your aunties husband !

Many thanks for the reply anyway, very much appreciated !

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