can't get on websites!

  groovygal2k 16:34 10 Sep 2007

i have had trouble for a while with getting on certain websites. first it started with mcflys website, then onto ebay, then HMV now its and Myspace. i get either page cannot be found or it just spends the time loading and nothing is actually happening. ive scanned my laptop over and over again but cant find a virus that might be stopping the connection. my wireless seems ok. it really anoys me. it cant be the internet connection since i can use these websites perfectly well on my mums laptop, and we r on the same network. same router and everything. we r on tiscali too. anyone out there have the same or similar problem and/or can anyone help or have any idea of what it may be? im gonna c bout takin my laptop into pcworld, but i thght id try on here first.

  Marko797 16:45 10 Sep 2007

your settings might need adjusting to allow access. Which one do u use?

  groovygal2k 16:51 10 Sep 2007

what do you mean which one do i use? i dont understand sorry

  Marko797 17:36 10 Sep 2007

It might just be your firewall which is restricting access. Do u know which f/w u are using? Windows firewall, or something like zonealarm?

  groovygal2k 18:43 10 Sep 2007

yes im using norton internet security. but ive checked everything on norton and it doesnt seem to be restricting anything. i had been able to get onto these sites fine about 5months ago, then suddenly they stop working.

  VoG II 18:46 10 Sep 2007

Try HostsToggle click here

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