Can't get TalkTalk Email to work

  jonmac 21:24 05 Sep 2006

Having helped a friend set up his TalkTalk broadband connection which is working fine I then created an email address for him but after setting up an account in Outlook Express find that on clicking the Send/Receive icon a box appears with username and password filled in. On clicking OK it disappears then returns after a few seconds. If I kill it an error box appears saying the password is wrong. But both the username and password have been verified as correct. TalkTalk help confirmed I was doing everything OK but failed to solve the problem and suggested I find someone to send an email in to the new address a s a means of activation. That didn't work. Anyone suggest anything else to try?

  STREETWORK 21:26 05 Sep 2006

Delete the account and set up a new one.

  STREETWORK 21:27 05 Sep 2006

OH, yes and check that the account is using the broadband to connect and not any left over dial-up.

  Stuartli 21:28 05 Sep 2006

TalkTalk does, in fact, state that someone has to send an e-mail to the account to activate it.

Might be worth reading through the TT Help just to make sure that you have configured it correctly:

click here

Also check that if you are using OE that from Tools>Options>Accounts>Connection tab that you have Enabled it to collect from either TalkTalk or LAN account - it may still be configured for the outgoing ISP.

You will have to configure all e-mail accounts to Collect Using This Account (i.e. TT or LAN)

  jonmac 21:54 05 Sep 2006

Streetwork - That was tried during my contact with the bloke in India. There is though the previous Freeserve account still there though and emails are being picked up from there OK.
Stuartli - I'll have a look at that, though in my own PC which picks up my Plusnet Broadband and also mail from my old Freeserve dial-up account the checkbox labeled "always connect to this account using:" in both connections is unticked and it works OK

  Brumas 00:09 06 Sep 2006

Hi, I work for talktalk, as a broadband consultant and have just come across this post whilst visiting my dad(BRUMAS).

Firstly the username should be your phone [email protected](lowercase) with your password the(one that was sent/or you have since changed it to)

Secondly you would need to have set up the email using either the talktalk cd, or click here

Once this is done the mail settings should read as follows
Incoming Mailer Server:
SMTP Server:

Both should be under POP3, when using outlook express/outlook make sure that talktalk/talktalkbroadband is the default connection(under properties in the email client program).

Also make sure "log on using secure password authentication is not ticked" in the properties box.

I hope this helps, Im down visiting for a couple of days, so any more questions i`ll try to help.



  lotvic 03:05 06 Sep 2006

you have confused me.... and I've been using talktalk email for a couple of years with no probs. (Webmail and OE)

Maybe you could talk(talk) us thro' it from the Start.

  jonmac 06:01 06 Sep 2006

Brumas' Son - Thanks for chipping in your thoughts on the matter. I can confirm using my friend's phone number style user name and the correct password as checked via the auto telephone number and also creating an email address in the Broadband Dashboard, then, having obtained the correct incoming/outgoing mail server addresses, I went through the new account procedure in Outlook Exxpress to create one for Broadband and having done that clicked on Send/Receive expecting all to be OK. However that's when that pesky dial-up box appeared with username and password which keeps on reappearing when OK is clicked.
Having said all that I see a test email from my friend's Broadband account in my Inbox this morning so something seems to have happened. I'll phone him at breakfast-time and find out.

  jonmac 06:30 06 Sep 2006

My mistake. That email was from his freeserve account, although I asked him to delete that last night around that time. I'll check anyway.

  The Old Mod 08:18 06 Sep 2006

Hi, my friend who is new to PCs had her account with TalkTalk setup by a friend, she had a simular problem like yours, so she asked me to have look, and this is what I found. First thing was that the password that Talktalk had sent her didn't work, she had put in another password, and to get into her email account page in TalkTalk I had to use her password, once I got into that I found the the e-mail address that she was trying to setup in outlook express was not correct, I.E she told me it was [email protected] when in fact it was [email protected], once I corrected that she was able to use her e-mail ok.
Hope this helps.

  Stuartli 08:19 06 Sep 2006

I'm just about to add further "confusion" to this subject regarding usernames and passwords.

My TalkTalk Username is indeed ( and a Password comprising a combination of lower case letters and numbers, but that is purely for logging on to TalkTalk's broadband service.

You can easily check the Username and Password by phoning 0870-0875562 (free on a TT phone account) and listening to the automated service.

However, my e-mail Username and Password are completely different and comprise the e-mail address I nominated when signing on to TT i.e. [email protected] and a password chosen by me at the same time.

I have to user my e-mail address and password to sing on to the My Account section on TT's website.

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