Can't get speakers to work

  mark-pc 10:13 04 Dec 2010

I have a Dell Vostro 200. I have suceesfully used a Creative Inspire 2.1 speaker system on it, using the basic sound drivers. I want to use a Cambridge Soundworks Megaworks THX250D but I cant get it to work. Must this have a soundcard or should I be able to get it to work with the standard Windows Driver?

  GaT7 12:13 04 Dec 2010

Not sure if applicable or not, but are you connecting them correctly? While the speakers support both analogue & digital, the Dell's onboard sound & related outputs are most likely analogue only, so connect the speaker's analogue inputs to it. The manual should tell you how to connect it correctly.

Are the speakers powering up? If not see 'No Power from Creative Speakers' click here.

Also see Creative's troubleshooting for your speaker click here. G

  mark-pc 14:14 04 Dec 2010

Thanks Crossbow. Speakers were previously working on a PC with sound card so all I have done is pulled the jack plug from the sound card and plugged into the standard sound output on the new PC. I have tried the analogue output on the woofer without success.
Many thanks for the suggestions.

  BBW 14:46 04 Dec 2010

It's the simple things that get us, so have you plugged into the GREEN audio output?

  mark-pc 14:55 04 Dec 2010

BBW yes I agree. I have tried all uadio outputs including the green. I have a digital input in the back of the sub woofer (which I used with the sound card on previous PC) and two Audio inputs which I assume are analogue?. Is it possible that this system would require 2 analogue inputs from the PC?

  GaT7 15:01 04 Dec 2010

If it worked as normal with the old system (& one input), it should with this.

Have you connected power to the speakers & are they powering up?

Do you know for sure that sound works in the new PC which you're trying to plug the THX250D into? Do you have another set of working speakers to try? G

  woodchip 15:13 04 Dec 2010

go into control panel sounds and check you have the correct speaker selected, and sound card

  mark-pc 15:38 04 Dec 2010

Thanks Crossbow. I have now gone back to the Inspire 2.1's to find that they no longer work?? I have looked at Sounds in Control Panel and everything looks OK with the Drivers and Volumes etc.?

  mark-pc 15:52 04 Dec 2010

Thanks woodchip, tried that.....

  GaT7 15:52 04 Dec 2010

Either you don't have the settings right, or there's a problem with the onboard sound.

I'm assuming you have Win7 on the new PC. See MS' troubleshooting 'Tips for fixing common sound problems' click here, where it also explains how to check if the sound card (or onboard in your case) is being recognised in Device Manager. G

  mark-pc 15:53 04 Dec 2010

No, I have XP on this.

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