Can't get site icons on tool bar.

  blackpat 11:34 04 Jan 2010

After re installing my xp operating system, I can't get my fav sites icons on my tool bar. I drag them there, but they don't stay.
Any ideas?

  rawprawn 12:05 04 Jan 2010

Silly question, but is your Favourites Bar Ticked?
(Right click on menu bar to look.)

  blackpat 17:23 04 Jan 2010

Rawprawn, the favourites bar is ticked.

  GaT7 17:27 04 Jan 2010

Try resetting / reinstalling IE7/8 click here. This may get the Favourites bar to display again. G

  blackpat 09:43 05 Jan 2010

Crossbow, I followed your instructions, and it mentioned about add-ons. I went there, and in the add-ons box there was a "toolbars and extensions" box to click, but it had a red no entry sign on it. also there was suppose to be a column on the right that said "load time", but I can't see that.

  GaT7 12:38 05 Jan 2010

There are 3 solutions in the link (listed below), & none of them mention anything about add-ons?? So you've lost me there...

1. Reset IE
2. Reinstall IE
3. Install XP SP3

Btw, the 'Favourites' bar is not an add-on as it is part of IE.

My "Toolbars and extensions" also has that red sign, but one can still make changes to any add-on if required by right-clicking on them individually in the right pane. G

  blackpat 06:44 07 Jan 2010

Crossbow, I did the reset IE and the reinstall IE and that did it. Many thanks for you help, I really do appreiciate it.

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