Can't get rid of Blaster worm! HELP!!!

  CJ001 13:00 13 Jan 2004

I've been working on a friends computer now for months and it seems to be going from bad to worse.
It's a Packard Bell by the way and yes, it's had the surfairy problem and I removed that but the computer still won't connect to the net properly.
Over christmas I took the computer home with the intention of reformating the hard disk and starting from scratch but when I tried it wouldn't let me format. It said that the disk was write protected. Is there any way around this? Anyway, the only other option was to use the reset disk and put everything back to square one. I did this, then got rid of surfairy, installed AVG, updated it and ran it. Found nothing. Then I loaded spybot and adaware, updated them and ran both. Nothing but the usual ads from other software and the odd miner.
Everything seemed ok untill I brought it back to her house and reconnected it to her scanner and printer and the phone line. Connected to the internet and our old friend the blaster worm reared it's ugly head. I disabled the restore point program, fixed it so that the computer wouldn't keep shutting down and downloaded the latest blaster removal tool from Nortons site. I've now run it several times but it says that the blaster worm isn't present but it's still counting down and restarting. Also, when the computer did connect it got progressivly slower and slower. Eventually it got to the stage where you couldn't go online as most pages just timed out. It's like the modem is trying to suck up a mellon through a straw LOL.

By the way, the computer is out of waranty as she kept bringing it back to the shop and they kept saying there was nothing wrong and reseting it with the corrupted disk.

Anyway, I'm just about to go nuts with this thing and I hate to let it beat me so any help would be great.

  MAJ 13:06 13 Jan 2004

Did you load the MS Patch for Blaster? Also try running Stinger click here

  CJ001 13:30 13 Jan 2004

Unfortunatly, the internet connection deteriorated so quickly that I didn't have a chance to download it. It took several trys to download the blaster removal tool. I had disabled system restore so that it couldn't be saved as a backup file but is it possible that the blaster could have been saved in the memory of the printer? Or possibly have gotten into the bios? I know that's fairly far fetched but at this stage I'm clutching at straws.
I will try stinger though.

  Stormpool 13:52 13 Jan 2004

"Unfortunatly, the internet connection deteriorated so quickly that I didn't have a chance to download it."

If you mean it shut down again?
Next time it says it's going to shutdown type

shutdown -a

into the start-run box

and click ok, it should stop the shutdown progress

  machow 15:27 13 Jan 2004

have you activated the firewall. It slows down the shutdown, to give you more time connected to the net.

  CJ001 15:43 13 Jan 2004

The firewall was the first thing I did when I set up dial up networking. When I said that the connection deteriorated I mean that the data transfer rate became slower and slower untill only it became about 90 bites a second on a 44 kbs modem connection.
I stoped the shutdown problem by going into the registery and ajusting the properties as recomended on the nortons website. But of course, that's only supposed to be temporary to enable you to download the fixes and service patch.

  dave h 17:12 13 Jan 2004

Download stinger and the patch on your own computer and put them on a cd (if you have the capability) and them run stinger from the CD on your friends machine.

That's what I did when my friend had a similar problem.

  john-232317 17:15 13 Jan 2004

Why dont you download stinger and the patch to floppies on your PC, then load them onto hers and sort it out before you go on the net with hers ?

  john-232317 17:18 13 Jan 2004

Sorry dave h, i must type fasterrrrrrr

  Sheila-214876 18:10 13 Jan 2004

Not sure it this will help but go to click here and click on Virus Information type in blaster in the search panel and you will get lots of info and methods of deleting it.

  spuds 23:40 13 Jan 2004

Try this click here

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