Can't Get Printer To Print After Installing Driver

  kinger 15:55 08 May 2007

My Dymo LabelWriter has new Vista software and drivers.

The software installed perfectly, and I manually installed the printer driver.

However, on trying to print, nothing happens.

I think this is because, on manual installation, it asks me to 'choose a port'.

Obviously this has to be a USB port, but which one do I choose?

I'v gone from 1 to five exisiting ports but nothing prints.

There is an option to 'Make a new port' but I'm not sure how to do this as nothing about USB virtual ports is mentioned.

The printers already on these ports work fine.

Any advice on installing printer drivers to USB ports would be appreciated.

Thanks. K!

  123joey123 16:09 08 May 2007

Has the computer recognised the hardware?

  kinger 16:15 08 May 2007

The device manager says 'device cannot start' code 10.

Dymo says uninstall microsoft driver and install Dymo driver, which I'm trying to do.

But with the above results.

Microsoft driver won't start.

  kinger 16:31 08 May 2007

Oh dear. I just found out.

My Dymo Label Writer doesn't support Vista, even with the new drivers.

According to Tech Support, my unit has an 'incomaptible chip' (the serial number starts 907 which isn't compatible)

I have to buy a new printer I'm told.

My current unit is just over a year old, how's that for support?

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