Can't get a picture on Gadmei TV5821E

  erkmatrix 19:58 08 Feb 2008


I bought a TV5821E XGA Tv box for christmas was hoping to watch tv on my monitor too whilst I was working on my computer. But I don't see how this is possible I have a 24" BENQ FP241W monitor but it only has one svga input but this one is connected to my computer so I don't understand how to hook my tv5821E to my monitor. I tried in hope to see if it worked if i just connect the TV5821E to my graphics card with the supplied VGA cable and it goes through the computer to watch in on the monitor but no picture came up when my pc windows xp home loaded, you could hear the sound though. My graphic card has two dvi slots so I'm using two converter adapters to make it vga. works fine for the monitor which uses one of them.

Is there a way around this, am I missing something?

I've tried it without and just plugged into a monitor and it works ok but when I plug in into my graphics card next to my monitor theres nothing happens, I've tried it on two monitors and two PCs now and can't get anything from it. Am doing something wrong, do you think you have to change the setting of the graphics card somehow to enable double output or something like that. Could it be the VGA cable is faulty that came with the TV5821.

My monitor funnily enough has a button on its side called pip and when pressed it opens up a small blue screen in the top right and says input composite then when clicked again it says input s-video, but can't get no picture coming through on it.

I'll explain exactly what I have plugged where.

Power obviously from gadmei to plug
vga cable pluged in to graphics card dvi port using a dvi-vga adapter as no choice in this as modern graphic cards don't use vga slots anymore for monitors.
Aerial is plugged in to gadmei
speakers doesn't matter as sound still come out of speaker so that works

Is there anything I am doing wrong here.


  MCE2K5 21:14 08 Feb 2008

Have you wired it up as per Page 7 in the Manual, click here

  woodchip 21:25 08 Feb 2008

Just having a little read on google, it appears that you connect it as a pass through in the VGA cable. Graphics card cable to box and box to monitor. For Games or TV. It as VGA in and VGA out

  erkmatrix 22:06 08 Feb 2008

Hi, yeah I connected it as it says in the manual MCE2K5

Woodchip - not quite sure I follow so I need to use the vga port in the gadmei and connect that to my graphics card and also use connect from the gadmei to my monitor using a monitor cabale. Is that right.

Well that would be fine only the monitor only has two input a dvi and a svga one both been used already and no other spare slots.

So can it not be done

  MCE2K5 22:17 08 Feb 2008

Have a look at this picture at the bottom of the page, click here, the bits that apply to your setup is on the Left Hand Side.

  woodchip 23:28 08 Feb 2008

that's it down at the bottom of the page in the link

  erkmatrix 08:14 09 Feb 2008

Yeah I think it has to be connected in to a vga monitor not a dvi so it isn't going to work for me, will have to try and sell it on ebay I would think and get a usb tv receiver as no more pci slots either for a tv card taken up with my broadband, graphics card and sound card.

cheers anyway

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