Cant get out of CRT mode on laptop - please help

  Viv-208691 22:55 15 Nov 2004

Hi, i seem to have got my laptop stuck in CRT mode. It starts up with a black bordered screen whenever i turn on my laptop. I can get the picture back to full size by then altering the resolution but this reults in 'bands' across my screen and general bad graphics.

Can someonbe please help me to start my laptop in normal TFT mode?-im not quite sure how i changed it in the first place!


  THE TERMINATOR 00:27 16 Nov 2004

I think you need to degauss the screen(should be in the settings menu for the screen)....TT

  Viv-208691 08:58 16 Nov 2004

degauss??? Whats that?

Also, how do i get to these settings?

Thankyou, please excuse my ignorance.

  PA28 09:04 16 Nov 2004

I've never heard of degaussing a TFT panel! Beyond setting the resolution to the screen defaults (1024x768 for a 15" normally) I've a feeling this is a dealer job. If you can get to Device Manager does this give you any clues as to the state of your video driver (which should default to your default screen resolution anyway?).

  Viv-208691 09:31 16 Nov 2004

No, i cant see a clues in the video controller bit. What if i reset the driver or something like that?

Sorry, im not particularly expert at these things.

  PA28 12:48 16 Nov 2004

Right click on an empty bit of desktop, go to Properties>Settings. This should read 1024x768 pixels, with Color Quality of either Medium (16 bit) or preferably Highest (32 bit). If OK then go to Advanced>Monitor and check the refresh rate is set to 60Mhz. These are for a 15" laptop TFT. Let us know what you find.

How old is your laptop?

  woodchip 12:54 16 Nov 2004

Right click on desktop\Properties\Settings You should then see two screens with a Drop-Down and the screen you are on at the Moment change it to the laptop one from there, press the arrow head at the right.

  PA28 13:03 16 Nov 2004

I guess this'll depend what OS is running? I'm looking at my laptop (XP) alongside me and we're getting differing results from Properties>Settings, hence my message above. We'll have to wait and see what Vsz gets when he posts back.

  woodchip 13:09 16 Nov 2004

Right I will switch on my laptop as I have had that connected to a CRT. No nothing there under settings in XP on laptop but I have had it connected to a Crt. the other comp as you noticed is a Win98se comp. Try running a Restore point

  Graham ® 13:13 16 Nov 2004

Fn+F5 to toggle between external and internal screens.

  PA28 13:14 16 Nov 2004

Steady on - these quick postings at lunchtime carry a high risk of KTSC - Keyboard Tomato Sauce Contamination. If Vsz is running under XP then a restore point is a very good idea. But we are still waiting to see if he is!

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