Can't get online with my Mesh...

  WGW 18:45 21 Jul 2010

I recently returned from a short break and switched on the family PC to find that it was hanging on boot up at the Windows XP logo. After several attempts, I ended up digging out the Recovery CD-ROM to help me through the boot up process and now I find that I cannot access either Internet Explorer or Outlook Express even though it boots up okay and looks back to normal.

On trying to access the internet (IE 8)I get the following:
IEXPLORE.EXE – Entry Point Not Found
The procedure entry point SetDllDirectoryW could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll.

On trying to access my email I get:
Outlook Express could not be started because MSOE.DLL could not be loaded.

I also notice by right clicking My Computer that my system is Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002. I therefore assume I would need to re-load Service Pack 2 as per previous arrangement, although I believe it should probably be SP3 now. I'm not 100% certain about how to do this and fear a catastrophe.

My main concern though is that I’ve lost all my e-mail, much of which is quite important to me and my wife.

The PC is a 6 year old Mesh Matrix M2800+XP and has served its purpose well before we switched it off for a week (it was rarely switched off before then).
Any advice on this problem would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

  rawprawn 19:30 21 Jul 2010

You can download XP SP3 click here
I think if your emails are very important, I would take out your Hard Drive, and put it in an external caddy then see what can be recovered.You will of course need to look at it on another computer.
Good luck

  Woolwell 19:40 21 Jul 2010

You need to back up your OE files See click here
But you may have a problem locating your dbx files and you need to search for them.
Do you have back ups of your other data?

  WGW 01:07 22 Jul 2010

Thanks rawprawn and Woolwell for your replies.

I've downloaded SP3 for installation.

I'm not able to open OE but I have managed to locate and save the DBX files. Hopefully this is a good sign - will it be easy enough to re-instate them if/when I get OE back?
Are the DBX files all I need?

I am also able to backup most of what is currently on the PC - do I need to do this before installing SP3?

Thanks again, and any further advice will be appreciated.

  rawprawn 08:15 22 Jul 2010

Yes backup all the data you can, you will then be able to import it into your reinstalled XP

  WGW 19:20 22 Jul 2010

Right, I've backed up all the files that I think I need.

Please excuse my ignorance with these matters, but I am a little worried about the next step, as it could be the point of no return as far as my email is concerned.

I'm assuming that when I install SP3 (next step)that I will somehow have to combine my saved DBX files with the new working Outlook Express (not sure how yet) to get back all my old emails?

Should installing SP3 do all this or will I need to re-install Windows XP?

I also assume I will have lost my address book?


  rawprawn 10:21 23 Jul 2010

You will need to have XP installed (At least SP1)then you can install SP3 over it click here
When the SP3 installation is complete you should be able to Import the DBX files into Outlook Express.
I am no expert on Outlook Express but the DBX files may include your address book. Woolwell is the man to tell you.

  Woolwell 13:19 23 Jul 2010

The address book is a wab file and you will need to back that up too. However I haven't used Outlook Express for some time as I use Outlook. My wife does use OE and occasionally I get asked about a snag. I got beat last night and still don't understand one problem. I may have to ask on here.

  WGW 03:44 31 Jul 2010

Thanks folks. That's been really helpful. I've actually managed to salvage my email and loaded SP1 and SP3 successfully.

There is still one problem though and that is with Internet Explorer. When I click on the icon to logon I get the following:

iexplore.exe - Ordinal Not Found
The ordinal 410 could not be locatedin the dynamic link library urlmon.dll.

I can't use IE and can only get online via my BT Broadband icon.

Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, can you please advise me on how to proceed with it.


  rawprawn 08:51 31 Jul 2010

It's a corrupt file, try a system file check which should replace any corrupt or missing files.
1. Click Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, right-click Command Prompt, and select Run as Administrator.
2. Click Continue or supply Administrator credentials if prompted.
3. In the Command Prompt window type the following, and press Enter:
sfc /scannow
4. You should see the following on-screen messages:
Beginning the system scan. This process will take some time.
Beginning verification phase of system scan.
Verification % complete.
5. Once the scan has completed, test to see whether the issue that you are experiencing is resolved or not.
You may be asked for your XP CD,I would put the SP3 in

  rawprawn 09:04 31 Jul 2010

I have a feeling that the problem may be difficult to solve without starting the re installations all over again.
The alternative may be to download Firefox
click here

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