Can't get norton Internet security to work

  Mike_R 12:43 03 May 2004

I've recently put in WinXP as a new installation and have tried to install Norton NIS three times. The auto-protect is always off, despite whatever I do. Also it shows Email scanning error and all email fails on an error message 0x800CCC0E. Plus I can't get out on the WEB. When I take NIS out, I can't raise symantec on the WEB.
As a first step, should I reload WinXP and do I just bung the CD in again?
The NIS pre-install scan came up with two files infected by W32.Blaster.worm which it deleted. I saved on CD a few files from Program Files in Win98 and once when I accessed them in My Documents under WinXP,I got all my old Win98 program files as well.

  kalstras 14:30 03 May 2004

click here
and do an online virus scan fist then try using the program

  Mike_R 16:58 03 May 2004

Tried to do as above but got nowhere. The program kept on saying that I needed to set various ActiveX settings which were already set. I assume that WinXP loads Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or over.

  Mike_R 23:23 03 May 2004

I reloaded WinXP using NTFS and started afresh. Fingers crossed, I'm now OK.

  GaT7 00:46 04 May 2004

NIS can be quite troublesome at installing properly at times. Before you install follow the instructions here to minimise problems - click here.

Another common problem is when you're trying to remove/uninstall NIS (after a failed/dodgy install) but cannot do so - click here.

Some more tips (if you need them): click here.

If you managed to install with no problems, you're lucky - ignore the above. If you have similar problems in the future you'll have the links to look at & t'shoot accordingly. Good luck, G

I am an Windows XP Professional (5.1) with Outlook (OEM) 2002 (10.2627.2625) user and cannot get me OUTLOOK email to work.

Recently purchased a new computer - and a new version of AVG 7.0. Previously used Norton for anti-virus protection with no problems.

I have copied all of the settings across (POP3 / SMTP etc.) and ALSO have found the help screen in the AVG program that tells me about setting up a 'new server, including: Server Port (5200) and POP3 ( - I have changed these, but still have a problem when I test the settings from Outlook:

"Unable to connect to the incoming mailserver (POP3)..."

AVG's instructions for Outlook 2002 do not seem to be very clear - and do not follow the ACCOUNT screens that I see in this version of OUTLOOK (2002).

When I use the AVG set-up WIZARD it only gives me options for OUTLOOK EXPRESS and despite following the subsequent process and instructions - it doesn't want to change!

Does any one use NTL / Outlook / AVG? Would love to know your account settings (but not your password obviously!)? Ta.


Can anyone else help further? I am without email on my PC at the moment and my hair is thinning rapidly...!

  g0slp 07:22 04 May 2004

Apologies, can't help with your problem, but I would respectfully suggest that you start your own thread, rather than going on someone else's. (Avoids confusion, and is normal practice on the forum)

Regards, g0slp

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