Can't get new setup working

  Mev 20:08 25 Apr 2004

I decided to upgrade my PC and bought the following components:

ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe Motherboard
AMD Athlon XP2800+ and Coolermaster Aero 7 fan
Kingston DDR 400 512 Mb RAM

I assembled the components along with my graphics card, sound card, etc. When i boot the system it goes throught the post test fine. I go into the BIOS and all components are there (HDD, disk drives, memory etc.) and everything seems fine, but after that it just wont boot into the O/S (xp). Instead, the system just restarts and the same happens again.

I'm pretty sure i've connected everything right, after all it goes through the post test ok. If i replace the mobo, cpu and ram with the old gear it boots into the O/S.

I would really appreciate any help anybody can give me with this. Thanks in advance.

  mgmcc 20:26 25 Apr 2004

Are you trying to run Windows XP, as installed with the old components, after replacing the motherboard, processor and RAM?

  Gaz W 20:38 25 Apr 2004

I think - but don't quote me - that if you are trying to use the same XP installation on new hardware you can use Repair installation (from in Windows XP Setup).

In the BIOS you will need to set it up so the first boot device is CD-ROM, insert the XP CD and then save & exit. It will boot from the XP setup and eventually will bring up the option to Repair.

  woodchip 20:43 25 Apr 2004

Have you formatted and reinstalled windows if not then I would say that's the problem

  Totally-braindead 20:46 25 Apr 2004

Agree with Woodchip, go into Bios (usually you press delete as the computer boots up) and look for the boot sequence, make sure its set so the cdrom boots first. Restart with you XP cdrom in the drive, format the drive and reinstall windows.

  Totally-braindead 20:53 25 Apr 2004

Merv I remember the thread about the CPU and heatsink, if you have taken the new cpu out again you'll need to clean off the thermal paste and put new stuff on. If you haven't just ignore this.

  Mev 23:46 25 Apr 2004

Before i installed the new components i formatted my hard drive. After i had installed them i started the pc with the installation disk in but i got several different error messages all on a blue screen. After several attempts and another format i got to the installation process but it had problems copying all the files and then another error message appeared. Thats when i decided to put the old components back in and try to install xp onto the hard drive (maybee not a good idea). I did that and it worked but when i put my new components in it fails to boot into windows. Maybee because i did the installation with different components in??

Either way, it didn't like me trying the installation with the new components in, just kept getting error messages and having to restart. I'm sure it shouldn't be this hard!!

Thanks for the replies, keep 'em coming cos i don't know what to do!!

  Giggle n' Bits 23:51 25 Apr 2004

I think you can set the BIOS for the CPU & Memory to Auto SAVE the changes on exit, also check the Date/year for the system.

  Mev 23:59 25 Apr 2004

All the settings are at default. Most of them are on AUTO i.e. the BIOS sets them best for your hardware. Date and time is right. I haven't changed any jumper setting (don't think i need to) or anything like that.

  Gaz W 00:31 26 Apr 2004

I assume these errors on the blue screen were STOP errors. If you can try and replicate the problem again and post the codes shown (they are in the format of 0x00000000) it might help to identify the problem. The error messages also often tell you something about the nature of the error.

You could even do a Google search for them - the chances are there will be a result for them. I was looking up STOP errors not so long ago in this way and remember reading that one of them symbolised a hardware failure - faulty memory, CPU or whatever.

  woodchip 13:39 26 Apr 2004

Your problems at trying to reinstall windows point's to two things Power Supply not big enough or CPU overheating

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