Can't get new hard drive to work!

  steved 00:55 21 Mar 2003

I've bought a second hand hard drive (Quantum Fireball 40gb) and can't get it to work. Before I return it to the seller, is there anything obvious that I may have missed or could try?

- As a slave drive, booting is as normal but the bios just dosn't see it.
- If I set it as master, using the same IDE cable as my original (working) drive, bootup freezes before it gets to the bit when it displays drive settings.
-I can however go into the bios - but when I try to autodetect the drive I just get a message saying 'autodetecting...' but nothing else (even after several minutes.

I think the drives dead - but any other ideas to try? I have a P450 running win98...

  Djohn 01:13 21 Mar 2003

click here and have a look at the link from there.

I don't think win98 will see your H/Drive because of it's size, you will need to format it and divide it into at least two partitions. J.

  Megatyte 01:19 21 Mar 2003

W98 doesn't have a problem with 40G but I suspect that your BIOS may need flashing.


  cream. 06:12 21 Mar 2003

Go to seagate and download these utilities to check the drive out. Even if the bios will not go to 40 gig these should sort it out. That's if it's not dead.

click here
click here

  Nice Guy 08:55 21 Mar 2003

I recently bought a 40 gig hard drive and my bios didn't recognise it either. It just froze like yours is when trying to detect it. I just used the win xp operating system cd to boot the machine. straight away it found the 40 gig hardrive. from there i could format it and install win xp. easy really!

  steved 10:30 21 Mar 2003

I'll give those utilities a go tonight (I'm at work at the moment) - thanks.

Just a thought - if the drive had been previously formatted in winXP, would my system be able to read it? I'm upgrading to XP anyway in a couple of weeks (once I've upgraded motherborad, processor etc) but, if the drive is dead, obviously want to return it asap for a refund...


  polmar 11:00 21 Mar 2003

XP can format NTFS or FAT32. It can also see both. Win 98 etc can only format and see Fat32.

So yes, its possible.

I suggest you fdisk and format.

  steved 11:59 21 Mar 2003

Thanks Polmar. Excuse me if I'm being thick here, but how do I fdisk if the bios can't see the drive?


  Legolas 14:11 21 Mar 2003

I had a similar problem yesterday with a second hand HDD I discoverd that that it would not detect it in the BIOS if I used the AUTODETECT option, but when I used the first option in the bios list that shows you what drives you have in your system then using the up/down arrows to highlight the option slave/master whatever you have it set to then press enter it should detect the HDD.

  powerless 14:21 21 Mar 2003

So you want a master and a slave?

Look at the master jumpers as some drives have the option "Primary Master with slave".

Then on the slave set that to "Slave".

But this all depends on the drives so look on the shiny side of the drive for jumper settings.

Windows 98, so thats a BIOS that is 5+ years old. If it does not autodetect the drive you may have to enter the details of the drive manually.

What motherboard and BIOS do you have? Go to the website and have a peep to see if the BIOS can take a 40gig drive.

  Peverelli 15:19 21 Mar 2003

I installed a 40Gb HD recently and the BIOS only recognised it as an 8Gb drive. I went to the manufacturer's web site (Seagate), downloaded its DiscWizard 2003 and let the program do all the work. This forced the BIOS to recognise the drive correctly and installation went ahead without a hitch.

So I would suggest going to your HD's manufacturer's site and see if they've got the software ready to be downloaded and then just follow the instructions.

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