can't get line in on laptop with audacity

  yobub 11:02 17 Jan 2009

Hi,I have a compaq pressario c700 with windows vista.I also have a turntable that conects to my laptop to record vinyl to cd using audacity.My problem is that line-in does'nt show up on the audacity programme.I did a small neighbourhood course on recording vinyl to cd, but that was on regular computers.When the time came for me to try,I could'nt get any further than opening the audacity programme.I have the right leads etc,plugged into the microphone.Can someone please tell me what I am missing?

  Pineman100 11:15 17 Jan 2009

In the top right-hand corner of the Audacity screen, there's a small box with a down-arrow next to it. Click the down-arrow and you can select from a menu of input sources, including microphone, line-in, etc.

Have you got the right source selected?

  Simsy 11:59 17 Jan 2009

don't have a "line in" input. I guess Audacity recognises that and so doesn't give it as an option.

As you are going in to the mic input then it's the mic in you'll need to use with audacity.

However... there is a big difference in signal strength between mic in and line in, (approx 60dB), so you may find that the signal is distorted unless you can get the level right down going in to the mic level socket.



  eedcam 16:08 17 Jan 2009

Igboring audacity can you get any7 sound on the laptop fropm the T/table/Also is this a proper T/table or a usb ion

  yobub 10:46 18 Jan 2009

To Pineman 100.When I clicked on the box you were talking about,I stuffed up & pressed something & now that box isn't there anymore.But I am sure that it didn't say menu of input sources.Please help.I am not that good on the computer.

To Simsy, sorry don't know what you mean.only have basic computer skills.

To eedcam.No sound from the turntable ,& yes it is a proper turntable designed to record to a computer.
With thanks Yobub.

  DieSse 12:19 18 Jan 2009

yes it is a proper turntable designed to record to a computer.

Does it connect via USB?

  yobub 23:23 18 Jan 2009

To DieSse, no it has rc plug with adaptor to put 2 into one & then into the computer. (red
& white)

  DieSse 23:45 18 Jan 2009

Please explain what an RC plug is - do you mean RCA plug?

Or is it a mini-jack plug, or what?

As has been explained above, laptops may not have a line-in.

Can you tell us more about the turntable, and why it is "designed to record to a computer." Most of those have a USB connection for connecting to a computer.

What make and model laptop is it? Then we can look things up to help.

  DieSse 23:47 18 Jan 2009

Oh - and why are you plugging into the microphone socket?

  eedcam 04:41 19 Jan 2009

YObub If by a proper turntable you mean one you could use with a hifi then you need a pre amp . As said The only T/tables that are designed fo PC's have usb connections.As for losing your mixer window go to File >preferences>interface and retick it

  Covergirl 05:40 19 Jan 2009

Exactly same problem on my desktop - looks like Audacity has created a new "feature".

Anyhow, the way I now have to do it is go into Control Panel (Classic View), then Sound then Recording tab and set your Line In as Default.

Go back to Audacity and see if it works now.

If I want to go back to any other input, I have to change it in Control Panel, Sound.

Hope this works for you.

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