Can't get on line - does that happen to you?

  jack 12:40 24 May 2009

It happened to me this morning - Pop3 failed to connect.
Favourite - PCA -simply read 'Done' and sat getting nowhere.
So rebooted - still the same.
Went away did something else- still nothing.
I thought its the server[My ISP]
Nothing -
So in a moment of desperation I clicked on Google Earth.
It worked and I took a tour of the Caribbean.
Then came back to FireFox and PCA - and there you all were chattering away.
Went to in box- all 175 mails were there -174 Spam

So Google Earth can fix your no go connection then.
What do you reckon?

  john bunyan 13:18 24 May 2009

I had a similar problem last week and could not connect to my ISP - Pipex - nor get e mail via Outlook Express. I spoke to a local expert, and he said (don't know how true this is) that sometimes am ISP is so busy they "run out" of ISP addresses. He reccomended turning off my modem/router for 5 minutes then it should acquire an IP address on restart. This worked! Maybe others more knowlegable will comment.

  jack 09:16 25 May 2009

'He recommended turning off my modem/router for 5 minutes then it should acquire an IP address on restart.
Also pressed the retset- so perhaps the no IP address acquisition was something to do with it or just plain busy as suggested.

  Muergo 19:20 25 May 2009

My ISP varies from 3.5 Mb to 400Kb in minutes and recovers again, I was told by a technician it was the "contention ratio" basically how many are trying to access at any particular time, businesses are given a higher share of that available compared to domestic users.
Complaining will get you a tweak at the exchange if you have an LLU exchange.

  interzone55 20:40 25 May 2009

It's possible that your ISP DNS server was down - so any page requests involving standard address won't be resolved into IP addresses, so you'd get nowhere.

Google Earth links directly to one of Google's IP addresses, so isn't affected by a borked DNS server.

If this happens again try this address

It should take you to google's UK page

  blazingbadger 08:37 26 May 2009

I have noticed this but only when the Schools are on holiday the last few days have been horrendous for downloading times I thinks as Muergo says it all depends on how many people are trying for access

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