Can't get desktop to start up

  s99Raj 15:10 01 Mar 2010

I have an Acer desktop with the following motherboard inside : RS690M03 - 8EKRHFS2H

It was working fairly OK, but started giving me error messages on blue screens but they flashed by very quickly for me to read them. Anyway, I decided to reset the CMOS on the board using the jumper marked Reset CMOS. Now the computer doesn't start up. I used to get a single beep on startup, now nothing. Nothing appears on the screen at all for me to diagnose and I can't start up with any CD (e.g. the original OS or Hiren's Boot CD).

I've tried taking out the battery for a few hours and even replacing it with a new one. I've changed the PSU too and tried switching it on without the RAM modules inside. I've also removed the PCI graphics card (the only PCI card I have installed). But still the PSU comes on and the processor fan works but I hear no beeps or see anything on the screen. And all I did was try to reset the CMOS jumper.

Any ideas please? Thank you.

  MAT ALAN 15:22 01 Mar 2010

no beeps suggests No Power, Loose Card, or Short.
In my friends case no beeps it was his HDD (dead)

  GaT7 15:27 01 Mar 2010

Did you replace the CMOS jumper - i.e. to its original position?

If not, do this & try again. G

  s99Raj 15:38 01 Mar 2010

I've removed the hard drive too and replaced the CMOS jumper back into its original place (in fact, I tried both places).

  GaT7 16:13 01 Mar 2010

Did you do the CMOS jumper switch & removing/replacing the battery while the mains power cord was DISconnected? If not, do this & try again. Battery doesn't need to be removed for more than 2-3 minutes.

If no joy with the above, this worked for me a few times on a non-booting AMD AM2 motherboard (i.e. when a standard CMOS reset as above didn't work). Do the steps in the exact order as follows:

1. Switch off PC & disconnect mains power cord

2. Remove all drives, RAM, graphics cards, etc - leave only the CPU & PSU installed

3. Change CMOS jumper to reset position & remove battery for 2-3 min

4. Replace CMOS jumper to original position & reinstall the battery

5. Re-connect the mains power cord & switch on PC

6. After 20-30 secs press the F1 key on your keyboard for a few seconds

7. Shut down PC & disconnect power cord

8. Install drives, RAM & graphics card, etc

9. Re-connect the mains power cord & boot up.

Any change now? G

  s99Raj 16:19 01 Mar 2010

Going to give it a go....Back in a mo.....

  s99Raj 16:25 01 Mar 2010

Sorry - no joy. Followed your steps exactly.

At Step 5, the PC fans come on for 1 second and then stop.

  s99Raj 16:40 01 Mar 2010

Tried it again and this time I managed to get to do Step 8, but at Step 9 it wouldn't boot up at all.

  User-312386 16:42 01 Mar 2010

Sounds like your PSU has given up or you have taken all the ram out

  s99Raj 16:44 01 Mar 2010

Well the RAM is still there and works OK in a different computer. I've also tried a brand new PSU but still get the same problem.

After a few minutes it starts up, but still with no beeps.

  GaT7 16:59 01 Mar 2010

At the very beginning (before you even posted here), did you do the CMOS jumper switch & removing/replacing the battery while the mains power cord was DISconnected?

If you did them with the mains connected (even once) it may have damaged the motherboard?

I've never damaged a motherboard due to forgetting the above, which I have on occasion. But it doesn't mean that it cannot happen. G

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