Cant get computer to recognise new RAM

  pc imbecile 18:17 24 Jan 2009

Firstly can i apologise if someone has already covered this subject in another thread,but i have searched and found nothing so far....
Firstly i used a program called sandra lite that scanned my motherboard and told me that it would support 4GB of RAM , as there is only 512MB on my computer when multi tasking it can be a bit on the slow side. So i duly purchased 4GB RAM ,popped it in ,but under my computer in windows it is still saying 511 .I googled the prob and a number of forums suggest
then change the value shown in the maximum memory box from 512 to 4096. this i can do but when clicking ok or simply closing the box you can see it change back to 512.
they also suggest getting a new windows score by right clicking computer and choosing properties. this i did and my score changed from a 2 to a 2.9 though how you would quantify this i don't know.
when starting my computer in safe mode it sees just under 3 gig of ram but i can't get it to see it when booting normally.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated otherwise i might be joining the ranks of people with more ram in their desk drawer than in their computer.....

  citadel 18:31 24 Jan 2009

when you change from 512 to 4096 is there a apply button, before you click ok.

  jimv7 18:46 24 Jan 2009

Windows 32bit cannot see or address more than 3.25 or 3.5gb ram including your graphic card memory.

Try resetting the bios to default, then after enter the bios and update your settings.

  zoidberg 18:52 24 Jan 2009

just out of intrest does cpu-z see the memory click here

  pc imbecile 18:58 24 Jan 2009

Thanks for gettingback to me so quickly.Citadel there is no apply button just an ok and when i click it it changes straight back to 512.
Jimv7 how do i access bios to re set it and if i do reset is it likely to cause any knock on problems with any other programs or hardware that i have installed on my computer?
Zoidberg will give your idea a whirl shortly ,i would presume that it would see it as it is seen when booting in safe mode..
Thanks all

  pc imbecile 19:05 24 Jan 2009

Zoidberg downloaded and ran cpuid and it showed me as having 4096mb of ram ,so it is definatly installed correctly .......

  zoidberg 19:19 24 Jan 2009

what motherboard are you using/32 or 64 bit os

  pc imbecile 19:49 24 Jan 2009

I am using 32 bit vista home basic so i realise that maybe the full 4 gig might not be fully utilised .My motherboard is a foxconn lucknow with an intel dual core 3.0ghz processer

  T0SH 22:05 24 Jan 2009

Try clicking on the Start Orb and typing

system information

into the search box in the window that pops up double clicking on "system information" will display all the details of your PC including how much physical ram is being detected

the settings in msconfig advanced is to limit memory use in diagnosing problems, so please leave well alone

Cheers HC

  CurlyWhirly 10:55 25 Jan 2009

My motherboard is also a Foxconn (G31 MX series) and even though I'm running a 64-bit version of Vista Home Premium, I still can't use the full 4 GB.

This is because the chipset can only handle 4 GB and so some of this memory space must be used for peripheral memory allocation like your graphics card for example.

I posted a thread about this on the Vista forum.

If I had known this then I wouldn't have upgraded to 64-bit (there was initially a 32-bit version of Vista pre-installed)

Oh well too late to go back now ;)

  pc imbecile 11:32 25 Jan 2009

Hi Tosh thanks for the try but it only sees 511mb of memory, Curlywhirly i am beginning to wonder if it is a software prob rather than hardware as i have seen that the computer recognzes that there is 3gig (just under) in safe mode but in normal boot it sees only 511 .The computer now will only get as far as the log in page and then i get the dreaded blue screen with this memory installed and windows shuts down. have now removed it and put back in the original memory stick and all is running fine. Short of trying this memory with a 64 bit version of windows or re booting with xp (i have a copy from my old pc still on disc) then it may have to be saved untill such times as i build my next computer rather than buying one off the shelf. Thank you to everyone who has helped out with this thread .I wont tick the resolved box in case someone has a magic bullet idea that fixes it with one click.......hopefully

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