cant get computer to boot up

  toniclady 21:30 02 Jun 2013

my partner has a pc, hes running xp but it wont up and he cant get into bios to change anything, it wont recognise the cd drive, hes tried the motherboard disc but to no avail, any help much appreciated thanks

  toniclady 21:49 02 Jun 2013

hi i dont think he can get anything to work i think its either the blue screen or just a black screen....he is usally good with pc's, but he cant do anything as he cant get into bios, is there another way ...thanks

  rdave13 21:51 02 Jun 2013

How old is the PC? Sounds as it's given its best.

  toniclady 21:54 02 Jun 2013

its only about 3 yrs old...he said he had dragged and dropped a hardrive, so now nothing is recognised

  toniclady 22:02 02 Jun 2013

hes cleaned it inside and out, no fluff or dust, and the clock and time were working properly

  rdave13 22:04 02 Jun 2013

dragged and dropped a harddrive? Well he can't drop it in the Recycle Bin. Do you have the restore discs burnt? If nothing of importance on PC (backed up music, photos and docs, mail, browser favourites) etc, then use the restore discs.

  lotvic 22:08 02 Jun 2013

Can you get your partner to post and then he can tell us the full proper details.

If he wants to get into the Bios setup, that has nothing to do with harddrives, in fact you do not need a harddrive connected at all to go into bios setup.

  toniclady 22:10 02 Jun 2013

i dont know what he meant by the drag and drop either.....but he said it wont recognise the cd drive and the bios have gone completely.....

  toniclady 22:20 02 Jun 2013

he is at work now, i will ask him tomorrow and come back with more details if thats ok ??

  lotvic 22:42 02 Jun 2013

thats ok as long as you ask him to post with the full details, starting with the Make and model of pc, and how many internal harddrives there are and how they are partitioned, then detail what happened, and also why it's needed to go into the bios settings.

We need to know everything or else we are just guessing at the problem.

  lotvic 13:05 03 Jun 2013

Can I add that it doesn't matter if details are not easy to explain, just do best you can and don't be shy, we will help :)

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