Can`t get a complete download.

  bluto1 18:58 09 Apr 2006

Several times today I`ve tried to download Dan Elwells broadband speed test and could only manage 6% when everything froze. I tried an older version and actually got 81% before it froze. I tried other sites but got the same. I`ve run Avast, A2,Spybot,Adaware,SpywareBlaster and cCleaner all showing no problems.
Win XP Pro, SP2, Tiscali BB uncapped.
Can anyone throw some light on this, its beyond me.
Oh! I have downloaded other programmes OK.

  remind 19:03 09 Apr 2006

Any problems with online tests such as this? click here

  remind 19:04 09 Apr 2006

Is your BB modem connected via USB? If so, directly to your PC or via a hub?

  SANTOS7 19:05 09 Apr 2006

click here
i have just tried this site, downloaded fine.....

  remind 19:20 09 Apr 2006

Sorry, misunderstood the problem.

  bluto1 19:34 09 Apr 2006

No to your first, I tried another on-line and it was ok.
My ADSL is USB connected directly to my PC

SANTOS07, that was the page I tried both the main download and 2 from the Simnel mirrors.

I`ll leave this open until tomorrow and try again in the morning. Thanks for the help so far.

  bluto1 21:48 09 Apr 2006

remind & SANTOS7.
Could`nt wait until tomorrow. I`ve downloaded successfully. I did a thorough check of my connections, they were OK so I`m putting it down to gremlins.(I hope that `gremlins` isn`t some forum members user name) Cheers and thanks for help :-)

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