can't get BT to connect broadband

  ihatebt 16:40 13 Aug 2006

I have been trying since the end of March to get broadband, first via Tiscali, then through BT since middle May. I have BT voyager 210 router and the ADSL light flashes continuously. I think it has connected a couple of times briefly in all this time. The computer although 6 years old and windows ME works fine away from my house. I've had a computer engineer check it, re-check etc until he can do no more. He's checked the wiring cables filters connection to the house and thinks it must be a problem at the exchange.I've spent hours and hours on countless phone calls to Tiscali and BT technical departments going round and round the houses being given all sorts of reasons. I have demanded to have an BT engineer come out but have got absolutely nowhere. It has driven me to tears and now I am totally fed up and come to a brick wall.
Any advice would be welcome!

  Gongoozler 17:18 13 Aug 2006

This isn't a totally unique situation. My neighbour had a similar problem. I proved that it was a BT problem by taking my laptop and modem (same ISP - Tiscali) to my neighbours house and it wouldn't connect. Brought neighbours laptop and modem to my house and connected ok. BT eventually investigated and found a line fault. BT wouldn't deal directly with my neighbour as they were contracted by Tiscali.

  p;3 17:22 13 Aug 2006

"works fine away from my house"; I presume NOT connected to the internet?

when you power up, do you get one green light on your modem instantly that stays on to say that power is getting to it ; and have you managed to load the broaband cd to do the set-up for the thing; according to the booklet,you will need to disable your firewall and your antivirus program for the duration of the set up; how far have you managed to get WITH the set-up?

and is the phone line you are using actually broadband enabled and registered to you for broadband?

  ihatebt 10:00 14 Aug 2006

Thanks your responses, yes it works fine connected to internet away from home so no problem with set up. I am sure it must be a BT problem and that is why I have switched from Tiscali to BT to am just so fed up having to deal with overseas Technical department repeating same old information until I'm blue in the face! I am no further forward than I was in March, as they refuse to send an engineer out and each time I report it, they start from scratch again!

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