Cant get into AVG website

  bigboab y 14:37 15 Oct 2009

Loaded XP PRO SP2 into my laptop....hooked up wirelessly to my router..I can open most websites...BBC MSN ARGOS etc. ,but I cant for the life of me upgrade my AVG anti-virus... IE8 keeps saying it cant open click here OR click here ..... Any ideas guys/gals?
My desktop (which uses the same wireless router ) does it no bother....grrrrr

  bigboab y 14:45 15 Oct 2009

Wont do it in Firefox either Jockie even refreshing doesnt work

  mfletch 15:03 15 Oct 2009

See if you can enter this site.

If yes download the free version and do a quick scan,

MBAM/ Malwarebytes/ Antimalware click here

Let us know if it finds anything

  birdface 15:14 15 Oct 2009

or try this and see if it is just your problem.

click here

  birdface 15:15 15 Oct 2009

I should have said either type or paste the address in the address bar.

  birdface 15:17 15 Oct 2009

Or maybe try this.[make a restore point first.]

click here

  bigboab y 15:26 15 Oct 2009

Tried that Malware bites ..getting an "oops this link appears to be broken message" on a google toolbar page weird

  mfletch 15:39 15 Oct 2009

I think your computer is invected,

Try this

You need to download MBAM Malwarebytes Antimalware but as you cannot get on any security site to download it I’ve uploaded it the my file sharing site so you can download it .

I’ve also renamed it rabbits foot.exe so it will install. {unzip first}

click here

Install MBAM {rabbits foot.exe and update it,

Then do a quick scan,

If it will not run after the install then do this,

Go to the MBAM program folder here
C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware {double click the folder}

rename mbam.exe to rabbits foot.exe
double click on rabbits foot.exe to start MBAM.
scan.. remove detected items...once clear you can rename the executable file back to mbam.exe

  bigboab y 18:01 15 Oct 2009

In between threads I re-installed XP... and voila the problem has gone !! Had a wee think to myself..I think I went on to Youtube BEFORE I brought AVG up to date.. incredibly, I think I picked up a naughty after one visit to Youtube..
Big lesson learned..thanks to you all for your help..I'll keep your posting for future reference Mfletch .. very kind of you to offer your help ..Thanks again to all.

  bigboab y 20:46 17 Oct 2009

Ran the Malware bytes thingy that Mfletch offered. Found that I had the CONFICKER worm embedded in the wee memory stick I use for installing some utilities... Gawd knows where it came from... its been there for a while I think.
Keep your eyes peeled for it guys/gals ..its a little bugger of a bug ....

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