Cant get AOL 9.0 VR

  dolphinaber 22:19 15 Feb 2009

Hi I cant get AOL 9.0 VR to work for the simple reason I have nowhere to put my password in when asked to.When the sign up window comes up I have screen name coming up in the top right hand corner below at the bottom is `connection` which has broaband in it but in between where my password should go no block to put it in. So when asked to put my password in I have nowhere to put it. Hope someone can please help

  provider 2 23:37 15 Feb 2009

Try Start> All Programs> AOL> System Information (wait for about 30 secs)> Utilities tab and down at the bottom Quick Restore

While you`re there Clear Cache.

If that doesn`t work try Rebuild Adapter.

If none of these work, then I think you may have to uninstall (Add/Remove Progs) and re-install from your disc.

Hang about a while for other possible answers, though.

  mrwoowoo 01:21 16 Feb 2009

If you are on Vista then it sounds like the same thing that happened to me.
No amount of install/uninstall made any difference.As well as the missing log in it also kept saying about reinstalling.
In the end i reinstalled AOL VR over the top of itself.(I.E not uninstalling it first.)
No amount of help or suggestions from AOL help resolved it.But this did.

  provider 2 11:24 16 Feb 2009

Things may have changed with AOL9 VR, of course, but with the old AOL 9, re-installing over itself was not an option.

I`ve seen a comp with AOL 9a,9b,9c,9d .... all the way to 9i as a result of re-installing in response to various failures ... usually at AOL`s end, it has to be said.

I think uninstalling first is a good idea even though Add/Remove probably won`t remove everything.

  feb 12:07 16 Feb 2009

It sounds like you are trying to sign in as a "Guest" use the drop down arrow on "screen name"to select a different account name.

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