cant get address to print envelopes

  merc. 12:58 23 Nov 2009

I am back again!!
On my new computer with Windows 7 I have a free 60 day trial of Microsoft Office 2007 student which I am not to keen on
I have been trying to print address onto envelopes using word 2007 but there is no option to access an address book like on my other computer which has Microsoft Office 2003 Professional which takes them from Outlook when you click the address book in the print envelope box.

I have been trying the Widows Live for email on new computer, so I thought I would try the contacts list there put in a couple of address but cant get it to come into word to print envelopes.

Is there any work around for this or do I uninstall the 60 day trial and buy another Office 2003 Pro. As I quite like 2003



  howard64 15:04 23 Nov 2009

I have always found it easier to copy the outlook address book to word then save as a word doc. Have no idea about 2007 but everything read says it is the full version so it should work.

  The Kestrel 15:12 23 Nov 2009

Can you not print an address on envelopes using tools - letters and mailings - envelopes and labels, as other versions of word do? I know you have to type in addresses before printing, but this is not too much of a chore.

  merc. 15:20 23 Nov 2009

Yes I can type the address in doing the Tools-envelopes way but as say you have to manually type in the address, where as with the Office program the address book is in the box for printing the envelopes,lables you only have to click and point to the address you want and it is inserted for you.

Thanks again


  Woolwell 15:21 23 Nov 2009

Word 2007 does use Outlook contacts. You need to use mail merge and one of the option when selecting recipients is Outlook. See click here

  merc. 16:30 23 Nov 2009

This student version of 2007 does not have Outlook which I like, as part of the suite it only has word,excel, one note, powerpoint.

The more I play about with this version the more I dont like it, think I may have to splash out and get another 2003 professional.

Thanks again


  Woolwell 18:54 23 Nov 2009

Can you export the windows live mail contacts as a csv file and then load into Excel?

  merc. 19:16 23 Nov 2009

Looking at the Window Live contacts there is an option for exporting and importing to a CSV file.

What would I do after that to get them into word for printing of the print envelope box.


  woodchip 19:38 23 Nov 2009

How they work different. I am using old Corel WordPerfect Type letter out with Address at top highlite address click on Envelope and the Address goes in automatic Just have to place where I want the Address on what type of Envelopes also put return address top left corner. I they keep saying Word is better. Time they did there sums

  woodchip 19:41 23 Nov 2009

Something word as never been able to do is Reveal Codes I just right click on a Page of Text and choose reveal codes and can edit all the Page Format. Word as nothing to compare with it

  Woolwell 19:47 23 Nov 2009

Export to csv and open with Excel and then you can use mail merge.

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