Can't Format Zip Disc

  mistfo 05:33 23 Mar 2004

I have a Zip 100 drive running on XP Pro. There is one file remaining on a disc and i can't remove the file or format the disc. When it gets to the only file on the disc the drive starts making unusual internal sounds. I thought this to be a bad Zip drive, however i tried a 2nd disc and i was able to remove all files and format. Help anyone???

  edstowe 06:10 23 Mar 2004

If one disc will and one disc won't, I'm inclined to suspect the one that won't is a faulty disc.


  wee eddie 20:56 23 Mar 2004

I am told that all zip disks have a hidden file on them. A sort of operating system. This is normally hidden and not removed during formatting.

  cycoze 20:57 23 Mar 2004

Write protected ?

  minter 23:29 23 Mar 2004

Have you got the latest drivers from the Iomega website installed - if not download and install them.

You may have a bad sector on your disc. Try Properties-Error Checking-Check Now (tick both boxes) and let Iomega scan your disc.

This should fix your disc.

Also check Properties-Iomega-More Information, and this should tell you what sort of state your disc is in. If it is in decent condition it should be reading in the Disc Life status of 90%+.

If not sorted get back and we'll try something else.

  mistfo 15:45 24 Mar 2004

Ran both Win XP and Iomega error checking and disc locked at 78% with same internal ratcheting sound. Windows stated "file & folder verification is complete" also "Folder\VW Bosch Jetronic is entirely unreadable." Iomega disc life is OK 95%. I did download IomegaWare.

  mistfo 02:44 25 Mar 2004

Not write protected...

  edstowe 06:46 25 Mar 2004

For something of such little value, I would cut my losses and bin it.

If you are determined, send the disk back to Iomega for their opinion and possibly a replacement.


  hoverman 07:33 25 Mar 2004

I hope I am not being too pesimistic but when a Zip drive starts making loud internal noises it could mean that the drive is starting to have problems. I have had two 250MB Zip drives replaced under warranty over the past 2 years. On both occasions they started making loud internal clicking noises and were a bit erratic in reading/writing to disks. The second drive to be replaced ended up not being able to read/write to 250MB disks but were perfectly OK with 100MB ones. Let's hope it's just a faulty disk.

  mistfo 15:58 25 Mar 2004

Thanks everyone for the help. All other disks work fine, so its time to trash the one disk.

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